Sunday, July 24, 2011

What I Did Today (7/24/11)

First of all, Aya tagged me to do the skincare routine post, I already have one here but I can do an updated one if you want! :-)

Tank Top, Thailand
Button Down, gift
Necklace, Divi
Belt, gift
Cuff, gift
Shorts, Bench
Sandals, gift
Bag, gift

This is generally how my room has been looking like these days. :-/ I should really start getting used to it.

Oh and by the way, a two item haul!

Pop Culture, Market! Market!

from the boyfriend

Let me end with a photo of my dinner!
Chili's Chicken Crispers! :-)


Hope you like!

What's your favorite food?


Melai said...

Cute outfit :) My room gets messy during stress periods, I'm sure you'll find time to fix it again. haha. super love the print of your polo-blazer :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Anonymous said...

updated skincare routine please :)

Krissy ♥ said...

You are so cute! :)

And I looove that shirt you got!

ash said...

love the outfit...
im new here please check my blog

cafémobility said...

don't worry, clutters will always be justified by creativity. :)

Fresh Garden said...

Nice post! Wonderful pics!
P.S. Michelle, your smile is kinda... like sunshine. :)

Mar said...

You look adorable in the outfit, loving the printed shirt you have on! Your room somehow resembles mine ;). Dinner must've been delicious! - Mar

Michelle said...

@Melai: Thank you! It's cute, no? And sometimes, we're to busy to worry about cleanliness!

@Anonymous: Will do! :-)

@Krissy: Go and get one din! It's super cute!!! :D

@ash: Thank you very much!

@cafemobility: I fell in love with that quote the moment I finished reading. Mind if I steal it?

@Fresh Garden: Thank you very much!!!!

@Mar: Dinner was great! :-) And you have a red white and black room too??? COOL!

Belle said...

as always. love your OOTD. especially the blazer/button down.another thing i certainly love about your OOTD, ha ha.. it's like 63% gift-given. sarap naman non... thoughtful friends/bf/family you have ha. he he.. pwede pa-ampon? (joke lang) he he

And still i love the messy room. Like what i've posted before. parang you're more tao like me. :) or i just appreciate it cause i'm also messy. I just love it. Just be sure no snakes/rats are there ha. hi hi..

p.s. ginutom ako sa food.

Christine Iversen said...

Really cute outfit sweetie :)

Love Christine ♥

Michelle said...

@Belle: Naparanoid ako sa snakes and rats. :-| Yung boyfriend kasi ang daming binigay na gift! LOL Thanks Belle!! :D:D:D

@Christine: Thank you so much!! :D

Marie said...

Cute casual outfit, Michelle!:D

Yummy dinner.;D

***** Marie ******

Belle said...

hi hi. dont be paranoid mich. ganon kasi mom ko dati pag nakikita na messy room ko, baka daw may ahas na.. pero now she's given up on telling me to clean up. :) so my room's still messy :) no snakes!

Odessa Matias said...

nice outfit mitch :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Marie!! I wanna eat my dinner all over again!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Belle, well, I'm happy to say na clean na room ko. =)) I moved my working area to downstairs kaya yun naman ang madumi! LOL

Thanks Odessa! :D

Anonymous said...

simple joys.. true happiness!
Happy Birthday! sorry i'm late.. anyway better late than never ayt.. ^____^ hihi
happy birthday baby!