Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Very Busy Birthday! (7/23/11)

Busy, not as in there were lots of celebrations and stuff but busy as in lots of homework to be done.

Let me walk you through my birthday.

When I woke up, it was straight to work!

My drafting table top thingy on top of a dingy plastic table.

I wasn't really planning to do anything on my birthday but stay home and do homework.

The boyfriend called and he asked me if I wanted to go out.

We actually had to argue to get me out of the house!

But we ended up on a tiny little meetup thingy at McDonald's.

Then my sister texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to Greenhills with her to buy silicon cases for our new gadgets and I said yes.

My sister's braces. :-))

People say that I have a million expressions up my sleeve....

I guess this is where I got it from! :-))

Meet my mom!

We ate dinner at home with takeouts from Pizza Hut and Sunrise Buckets. :-) Some of my favorite places to eat at. :-)

The thing that I spent all morning on!

Left is in ink and on the right is in pencil.

My desk at 1am all messed up and unruly!

The photo collage my little brother made for me while I was working!

My boyfriend's final gift for me! :-)

Now, Milo has a sister! LOL

All the photos above were taken from my brand new....
IPHONE 4!!!!

Hope you like!

Sorry for being MIA, as you can see, I've been pretty busy with school. :-/

Any requests?


fashioneggpplant said...

happy birthday mich! that's such a blackmail photo of your mom!!! lol :) the iphone 4's awesome right? no regrest about ditching my bb for it.

i am certified said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!! A very busy birthday it is.. :)

Belle said...

Happy Birthday! You had so much fun though you have tons of hw's i guess. You spent quality time with the bf and with your sister, your bro's so sweet to make u a collage, and u had family take-outs for dinner. That must be awesome. plus the icing on your cake, that Iphone 4. :)
I love how you look on the collage, the parang pagod na look pero nakasmile pa din. with pawis on your hair? tama! i'm always like that too. super pawis

and oh, your mom, ha ha,, no more words, just say hi to her from me. hoping to see more of her here. :)

Michelle said...

@Sarah: Good thing she doesn't have the link to my blog! LOL And all I have it to compare to is my old Nokia E63. It's my first "smart phone" LOL

@I am Certified: Thanks dear! :D:D

@Belle: Thank you so much! You're too sweet!! :D:D:D:D Yeap I definitely enjoyed my birthday! :) I actually like being busy. :-)

princessmicah said...

happy happy birthday.

Aya said...

Happy birthday again. Lez go out soon :D

cafémobility said...

happy birthday mitch.

the t-square and all reminded me of my college days engineering graphics. either you're an enhenyero? or arkitekto? as your profession?

what is that conical structure that you're doing, illuminati symbol? :)

cafémobility said...

maybe not, fine arts maybe?

Aya said...

Tagged you, btw

Michelle said...

@cafemobility: I'm studying to be an interior designer! Sorry, I don't know the cool Filipino version of my course! LOL

@Aya: I did that na. Pero sige, thanks for tagging! :D

Anonymous said...

eii Happy Birthday!!!!!!

MissGennD said...

Belated Happy Birthday~ Your plates, t-square, scaling ruler, prang watercolor and pencils reminds me so much of college. Good luck on your way to being an interior designer!

Michelle said...

@Diane: Thank you!!! :D:D

@MissGennD: Thanks! I'm surely going to need the luck! Did you take up interior design as well? :-)

Odessa Matias said...

wow! plates! i miss those way back in college... what's your course mitch?

Michelle said...

You did plates too???? Cool! They're hell! :| Anywhoooo... I'm taking interior design. You?

Odessa Matias said...

wow.. my fellow interior designer :) I took up ID in stscho :) i miss doing plates.. thank God i'm back doing little spaces ^^