Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tag: Skin Care Routine

Eloisa wanted to know how I get "good skin" so, I decided to show you guys my skin care routine.

I said "good skin" because I'm really not acne prone so, my skin is the way it is. I get the occasional once-a-month zit during that time of the month but otherwise, my face is pretty clear. So, I don't know how much help this would be to you all but I do hope it helps even just a little bit.

Second of all, I really don't need to use all this products. I would actually choose just to cleanse, tone and moisturize, which are the only steps you really need to do.

But as some of you may have read from my past hauls, I won a lot of skin care items and I just included them into my skin care routine cause I didn't want to waste them.

So, with all those said, let's move on to my skin care routine.

** - things I use just because and can be removed when making your own skin care routine

Pond's Cold Cream
to remove makeup at night

to wash my face
(placed at my sink)

Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash
to wash my face
(placed in my shower)

Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Mask
to exfoliate
(every Sunday)

to exfoliate
(every Wednesday)

Hortaleza, M.D. Acnesol Pimple Control Facial Toner**
to tone my face after washing when I wake up and before I sleep

Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous Skin Whitening Serum**
to whiten (?) before I sleep

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Brightening Eye Roll-On**
to lighten under eye circles
(while moisturizing before I sleep and when getting ready in the morning)

Celeteque Facial Moisturizer
to moisturize my face when getting ready in the morning and before I sleep

** - things I use just because and can be removed when making your own skin care routine

So, there you go. Comment below if you want me to review any of these products for you and just comment your questions in general.

Hope you like!

Where do you stand in the toner vs. no toner thing?
How about the eye cream vs. no eye cream thing?


Krissy said...

We have the same skin-type! I'm lucky I didn't take after my aunts who need to place lots of stuff in their face, for me I just cleanse and moisturize, exfoliate twice or thrice a week, and that's it! :)

Aya said...

I'm really interested in the eye roll-on :) How is it? :)

I use toner everyday but I don't use eye cream. I don't exactly know whta that's for :/ Hihi

Sabrina said...

Hooray for the HN Facial Wash! Yay to both toner and eye cream. :)

Michelle said...

@Krissy: Same here!!! =)) I don't get how people remember to put all those products on their faces!! With this routine, it's rare that I remember to do every step of the routine! LOL

@Aya: I honestly see no difference from using the Garnier Roll On thing. But other people say that it really works for them! Me too! I don't really know why people would pay extra for a little pot of moisturizer labeled as eye cream!

@Sab: Yay!! Does it really make a difference to use and eye cream? :o

Robots in Trouble said...

oohhh i heard that ponds is a really good brand. never tried it though.

-robots in trouble

voodoo girl said...

i can't find pond's cold cream anywhere. do they have it in unimart?

anyway, to answer your questions: i always use toner but usually at night only to strip away any stubborn dirt. to make sure my face doesn't get dry, i choose the alcohol-free type. second, eye cream is something i really need because i'm not young :) but a derma told me that regular moisturizer is okay because the point is just to keep the area hydrated at all times. i'm maarte so i have a separate product for my eyes!

DeBi said...

you have a couple here...

no i haven't used toner in a while, but i would like to go back to clean stubborn dirt. as for eye creams, i think it depends on the need...but if you have a good skin and takes care of the yes, i think a good moisturizer will do. said...

wow, you're so lucky! you were born with beautiful skin . i'm so jealous :))) my skin care routine involves lots of putting here and there. haha! thanks for making this skincare routine

cherie said...

i use the garnier eye roll on as well! it's so effective for me :) anyway, about the toner thing, i don't really use it everyday except when i feel like there's a buildup to my face :)

Michelle said...

@Abby: It's a good brand, I just don't like the fact that they test on animals. :-/

@voodoo girl: Do you know those stores in Greenhills that sell things like Victoria's Secret body splashes and perfumes? They usually have the cold cream in stock.

@Eloisa: No problem. And I hope this helped somewhat.

@cheire: Oh well... That's a good way to use toner! LOL

Tiffiefum said...

Is the Garnier eye roll-on effective? I'm curious! lol :))

Michelle said...

People say it's suuuuuper effective but I don't see it! :-/

AyLin said...

I am using Celeteque moisturizer too. :)

voodoo girl said...

ah the PX stores! great... i'll check this weekend. thanks :)

carinamodella said...

i'm using toner but no eye creams :)

Michelle said...

@AyLin: It's awesome, right?

@voodoo girl: Hihi! Tell me how it goes!

@carina: I don't really see the use of eye creams either.

Anonymous said...

I wanna use the Celeteque Facial Moisturizer na din. I skip moisturizing in my skin routine. Bad I know. New follower here. :D

Michelle said...

LOL! I use to not moisturize too!! But now I do. The Celeteque one is awesome.

yonkalotions said...

You look so pretty in the red hat and the rose complements it.When coming to beauty products,I am always far from many of them and only use few natural and home made products.

Michelle said...

Ooooohhh... You had me at home made! :-)