Monday, July 25, 2011

MeTime in Bazaar Form + About My Day (7/25/11)

If you guys don't already know, I co-own an online store with my friend Des of Homeless Coconut. Our store is called MeTime Manila and we sell clothes and some bohemian accessories and stuff like that.

We've always only been an online store but, here's the exciting part.

MeTime Manila is going to evolve into it's bazaar form on August 6-7, 2011. Here's the information!

Yay! So, be sure to drop by MeTime's booth and we could snap a couple of pictures and blog about each other! :-)

So, there! I hope you guys drop by!


I was supposed to have classes today but then I got a text from my friend Jianina (who was from the morning class) asking if she could crash at my house because their class was cancelled.

A little while later, I got texts saying that the afternoon class was cancelled as well.

So, there. I got an unexpected free day.

Jianina stayed here a bit and we did plates and ate lunch and went to Des's house and went to SM + Starmall!

Des and Jianina at Japan Home Center looking for cheap art supplies!
(Zoom in on Des's Toenails and Jianina's Shoes)

After dropping Jianina off at Galleria, me and Des went on to Sunrise Buckets to meet up with our other friend Rachelle.

Oh and by the way, we recruited Jianina, a very very very talented accessories maker, to help us with making the accessories for MeTime.

Here is one of her creations!
This will be up on our FaceBook page thingy soon and will also be available in the bazaar!


All our phones!
Notice how we all have one smart phone and then one very inexpensive phone? LOL!

We didn't know why but we got a box of iced tea (that tastes like taho) for free!

Buckets of Buffalo Wings in Honey Mustard and Real American Wings!

This is what Honey Mustard looks like! :-)
Ohnoes, I'm hungry again!

I absolutely love the decor!
As well as the tracks they played in the restaurant!
Very reggae/surf-ish!

Enjoying my chicken!

Sorry for the abnormal angle! LOL


Afterwards, we went to Greenhills and literally walked the perimeter from one National Bookstore to the other.

When I got home...

Hello again plates!

So there! That's my day! I promise to post a beauty related post tomorrow but for now that's all I have to say.

Oh and a tiny itsy bitsy haul of belated birthday gifts from Rachelle. :-)

Do any of you know what brand this is? I'm curious!

Gray leggings!

So, there!

Hope you like!

Will you guys be able to visit our booth on the 6th or 7th of August?
(Please say yes!)


Kai Sensei said...

wow your post made me hungry! lol. about visiting your booth.. i don't know if i can do that coz you are all so far far away! lol. I will try? lol.

WonderWoman said...

Will definitely be at the bazaar! Thanks for sharing! :)

Tiffiefum said...

Award alert!

Miss you Mitch!<3

fashioneggpplant said...

yay, congrats on the bazaar! i'll try to drop by and support you guys :)

Reg Rodriguez said...

was supposed to take part in that bazaar but i'll be off to quezon. hehe have fun though! :)


jellybelly said...

Buffalo wings! Love them :) I'll stop by your bazaar if I'm in the are. Goodluck!

Michelle said...

@Kai: I know! I'm so hungry now too!! I hope you visit though! :-)

@WonderWoman: Yay!! Drop by our booth, okay?

@Tiff: Awww.. Thanks! Miss you too!

@Sarah: Yaaay! Please do drop by!

@Reg: Aww...It would have been awesome to meet you!

@Jellybelly: Who doesn't love buffali wings? Tell me if you're dropping by! :D

Marie said...

Iced Tea that tastes like taho? Interesting!:D

***** Marie ******

sugarmouse said...


i'm lovin' how there's blackberry's and no iphones