Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hiding the Scar (9/1/11)

The title is not me being emo or anything.

I'm just literally hiding my scar from the burn I got.

I talk about it more here.

But before anything, outfit of the day!

Top, Banana Republic; Necklace, Gift; Cuff, Greenhills; Ring, Broadway Gems; Skirt, Zara; Boots, Babo

Can I just say that I am so in love with using canvas bags for school? It's so light and I can stuff so much crap in it and there's no added weight from the bag! Cool beans!

Anywhoo, the bag I'm using in the picture is the one I got from Glam Camp.

Anywhoo, these days, I have been following certain... dress codes.

It's pretty simple. One way or the other, basically, my ankle needs to be covered.

I can either wear high-top-shoes or jeans/pants.


Because of this!

I took the picture right after I rubbed some ointment on it which is probably a suck-ish idea because now it looks ten times worse.


But anywhoo yes, that's what my blister/welt/burn looks like now.

It popped itself and I now have some loose skin flopping around like a deflated balloon.


I bopped around the interwebs and it tells me that I should grabbed myself a pair of scissors and...

cut the skin off.

Talk about being emo.

I don't know if I should do that though.

I don't think I can.

What do you guys think?

If I absolutely have to, I'm going to get someone else to do it.

But anyways yes, that's about it.

Hope you like!

How are you? :-)


WonderWoman said...

I can never stand extra skin, so I just plop myself in front of the TV and pick it off by hand... ... ...gross, I know. But hey, Glam Camp bag! I have one, too! From you! Haha. :D

Aya said...

Cutting the skin sounds really scary :/

But me likey your boots! :D

Marie said...

Nice outfit and good way to hide the blister. I hope it heals soon!

***** Marie *****

AVA T.♥ said...

aww hope the burn gets better! love the outfit though :)

Anonymous said...

antibiotic ointment or cream will help..
hope it will be better soon..

Eunice said...

Hope it's not as painful as it was before. =(

Hollie said...

cute outfit... but your scar looks scary... hehe

i am certified said...

cute outfit.. I hope your burn will get healed soonest ^^

Michelle said...

@Wonderwoman: I hope yours is getting a lot of usage too! LOL! The straps on mine is kinda starting to fall off but I had it fixed.

@Aya: It looks so gross. :| Thanks Aya! :D

@Marie: I hope it heals soon too! It is ver vomit-inducing right now.

@Ava: Thank you so much! :D

@ashley: Thanks! I'm using an ointment on it now. Hope it works well.

@Eunice: Nope. :-) I don't feel a thing anymore. It's just really disgusting to look at.

@Hollie: It's downright disgusting! LOL Thanks though.

@i am certified: I hope so too! :-/

fashioneggpplant said...

yes i think you should let a nurse do it.but the thing with loose skin, it doesn;t hurt when you cut it off. no more nerve endings. just make sure you use sterilized scissors :)

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Arnie Villanueva said...

Hey Mitch! :) You look pretty, dear! Followed you btw. :)


Pammy said...

What happened to it? I don't know why I no longer get updates on my dashboard when you make new posts. Anyway, I hope it gets better soon. Let a pro do it.

Stay pretty. :)

cafémobility said...

there should be an ointment to treat that. old fashioned way of doing is making use of malunggay. then once the wound closes, rub it with rose hip oil to rid the scars.

Michelle said...

@Sarah: The skin hardened and I tore it off. LOL. Problem solved!

@Arnie: Thank you so much! :D

@Pammy: Must be a glitch with blogger. Anyways, it's much better now, thanks dear. :D

@cafemobility: Rose hip oil... I'll keep that in mind! :D