Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glam Camp Day 1

Hi guys,

First of all, Belle, nakakainis ka. Pinaguilty mo ko. :))) Look at her very guilt-inducing comment.

"Hi Mich... been missing your posts really. I know nga you've been really busy at school. That's why. I was happy to notice this on my dashboard..."

Grabe lang ah. =))

This is why I decided to post about this immediately, to make up for all those post-less days.

FYI, I went into this doing one post a day so letting a day go by without a blog post was unusual for me.

Anyways, yesterday was Glam Camp Day 1 and MeTime Manila (look for us on FaceBook!) was a part of this bazaar. This is what happened!

We got to Alphaland at around 10am + in the morning.

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This is Paulo and Des setting up our broken clothes rack.

Funny story. While Des left our booth to buy some plastic bags (cause we forgot to bring some) the rack TIPPED OVER. Not just the racks though but it brought the clothes along with it! I didn't know what to do because I was at the booth alone.

Good thing the guy watching the Plump Pinays' booth helped me tie our rack to the pole.

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Setting our stuff up!

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Des setting up the table.

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We split up our "areas". Des was manning the table while I was in charge of our rack. :-)

Image Hosted by
Me and our accessories that we gave our blood and sweat to.

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Image Hosted by
This is what you see when you go in to the area. Our booth was off to one side of the whole place which was why we hardly got any traffic. :(

Image Hosted by
Accessories hanger thingy that I made. Hihi. Spot my name!

Image Hosted by
Our booth neighbor! The Plump Pinay!

Image Hosted by
Our other neighbors! LOL

Image Hosted by
People checking out our stuff! Yay!

Image Hosted by
More people! Yay!

Image Hosted by
EVEN MORE people! Yay!

Image Hosted by
Keep 'em coming! LOL

Image Hosted by
Me and Denise

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I also somehow got dragged into the flawless face thingy thing. But I didn't win. Hihi.

Image Hosted by
Here's my photo with Angel. She won my Glam Camp bag giveaway! :-)

(Top, DIY; Dress, Forever21; Necklace, Girl Shoppe; Shoes, gift)

Image Hosted by
All throughout the event, they had talks about a variety of topics. This particular one is a talk about Reproductive Health. It was very very very awkward listening to it, but I cannot deny that it was informative. :-)

Image Hosted by
Me and Anagon! :D

I bumped into her a few times but I couldn't work up the courage to say hi! LOL

Image Hosted by
Then there was a talk about Fashion and different tips and tricks for different scenarios, locations and body types!

Image Hosted by
Me and Des during a lag moment in our booth.

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Our long neglected FaceBook page will be updated soon. If you won't be able to drop by the bazaar today, everything that wasn't sold will be up on our FaceBook page for you guys to check out! I'm thinking of calling the next collection "Aftermath" but I'll have to ask Des about that. :-)

Image Hosted by
Me and Kai, the other winner of the Glam Camp bag!

Image Hosted by
Then, Paulo won the Century Tuna search for the two fittest men in the bazaar! LOL!

Image Hosted by
Here with our with our neighbors! Plump Pinays.

Image Hosted by
Me and Des in our booth! Hihi!

Image Hosted by
Kai, Me and Rache.

Image Hosted by
I end this blog post with Jen, Sophie and Me!! CUTIE!!

So, there!

The last day of the bazaar will be today from 1pm to 10pm. (although I doubt that we weill be staying open that late! School tomorrow. Hihi) So, drop by!! If not, then stay tuned with MeTime Manila on FaceBook for our Aftermath collection!

Hope you like!


fashioneggpplant said...

i really feel bad about missing this. was supposed to drop by but nikola caught the flu yesterday :(

Morbidfrank said...

Even if you didn't win, I can say that your skin is so flawless! :) How I wish I had been there! So many items to buy/see! :)

Pineapple Monsters said...

Cute top! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :)


Belly B said...

It looks like such a fun event!!!! I wish I could go.

Belly B :)

babyaииE. said...

It was nice meeting you together with TPP girls. :) Michelle pala name mo..haha, di ko kase alam.. :)

hope to see you again. stay safe. Ü

Michelle said...

Sarah: It's okay! You didn't miss too much. And of course, Nikola will always come first! :-)

MorbidFrank: I'm in the process of posting our unsold accessories on our FaceBook page so you can buy from there. Hihi

Pineapple Monsters: Thanks! I made it myself! :D

Belly B: I'm sure there are bazaars in your area!! It's always fun to go! :D

Anne: Thanks for buying from our booth!!! :D

shopgirl jen said...

ang cute naman natin dito nila Sofi, hehe :D It was nice seeing you again mitch! :)

Kai Sensei said...

Thanks again for my glam camp bag mitch! Mwah! hopefully more successful times for Me Time Manila! :)

Michelle said...

Kai and Jen: In FURNESS namiss ko kayong dalawa! Great seeing you guys! Pwede akin nalang si Sofi??

WonderWoman said...

Whee! Thanks for the bag, Michelle! :)

I bought a TON of stuff at the Camp, but my boyfriend says my best buy was the peacock ring that I bought from you. Hehe. Just sharing! :)

Michelle said...

Me and my partner were fighting over who got to keep the peacock ring if it doesn't sell! LOL We wanted it for ourselves too!

You're welcome and thank so much for entering! :D

Vani said...

Your t-shirt is so cool!


Michelle said...

Thanks! I made it myself! :-)

mestizay said...

Cute fringed top!i like it!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much! I made it myself! :D

Marie said...

Looks like a fun event, thanks for sharing these pictures - felt like I was there.;D

***** Marie *****
$100 Shopbop Gift Card International Giveaway!

Michelle said...

Thanks for reading them Marie!! :D

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