Monday, August 8, 2011

Glam Camp Day 2

Today was a sad day for my camera.

Behold, the only picture I took that day!

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Me and Ava.


Top-Mommeh; Tank-Bench; Shorts-Greenhills; Necklace-DIY; Cuff-Greenhills; Bag-Target; Shoes-Gift

Anyways, I wasn't able to peruse the area much cause I had a booth to attend to but still, I did not leave the event empty handed.

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I got the Glam Camp canvas shopping bag (which I used to school today) full of goodies!

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We got Skin Food Samples

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Skin White Samples

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Mini Close Up Toothpaste Tube

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Mini Bags. The bottom one's from Proactiv.

So, that was the content of our canvas bags.

Then, me and Des went to the Fashion Compass booth and she told me to "pick one". I was like, why? Then she told me that it was her super belated birthday gift to me and I was like DREAMCATCHER!!!

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I think you can purchase this from Anagon.

Then, our booth was beside the booth of Smart Alternatives. During the first day I was like, who are they?? Then, on the second day, I found out that they were this newly established magazine which is an advocate for...

wait for it...


How serendipitous is that??

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I somehow went home with two copies of their magazines, I will DEFINITELY be blogging about this!!!

Then, remember on the first day, I was nominated to be the Skin White Flawless girl but lost to Dana of the Plump Pinays? Well, during the second day, as I was getting myself some Chubby Chicken, I heard the host introduce the search for flawless girl for Day 2.

I was happily (not to mention HUNGRILY) waiting for my chicken when I heard the host say..

"Where's Michelle? Is she still here?"

I was like, whuuuut?? I went to the stage and the host was like,

"I don't think anyone will argue if we pick her."

So, there.

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That's how I got this lovely skin white package containing the following items.

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Then, towards the end of the night, Ms. Milette, along with some girls wearing kimonos approached our booth.
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Turns out, they were from Skin Food and they gave us some more little samples!

So, that's all I got from the bazaar!

Tell me if you want a review on any of these!

I'm still working my way through the review of the iWhite products!! I apologize!

Oh and this is totally unrelated but my friend just randomly got me these earrings!

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Girl Shoppe, Php50

Cute, right?


Hope you like!

Thanks again, Ms. Milette for the invite to this event!! :D

Which magazines do you always buy or are subscribed to?


swexie said...

hello! =)

i'd like you to review the salmon brightening cream, if you have time. =)

Michelle said...

You got it! :D

Fashion CouSense said...

pretty shoes you wore that day :) btw, those earrings are gorgeous. :)


Belle said...

shoes was a gift from someone really special.right mich? love those pairs too..

congrats on being a skinwhite flawless girl. u totally deserve it.. the face cream powder got me curious though im not such a fan of whitening products.

Michelle said...

@Cherie: Thank you so much! They're my favorite pair! :-)

@Belle: You know my blog so well. Thanks Belle!! :D:D:D I'm not a fan of whitening products to but I am excited to try this out because it seems so interesting! :D

Belle said...

ha ha, tambay ako dito eh.. pwede mo na din ako gawin security guard dito (jk!)

u actually dont need the whitening cause you're naturally light/white/maputi

napatunayan na yan, ng "Skinwhite Flawless Girl" award :) yipee!

Michelle said...

Nahiya naman ako sa balat ko nun!! =))))) Naalala pako nung host! :))

Marie said...

Fun stuff, looking forward to reading your Skin Food reviews.:D

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