Wednesday, September 7, 2011

90's Nostalgia

Finals week.

That's why I've been MIA.

Anywhoo... Nothing interesting has been happening these days.

Oh, other than the fact that the 90's has made a huge comeback.

In my head at least.

And when I say 90's...

I mean 'N Sync.

'N Sync as in Joey, Lance, Justin, JC and Chris.

THAT 'N Sync.

I don't know why but I have been shoving boyband song after boyband song into my iTunes playlist thing.

(Did I say boyband? I meant vocal group!)

I guess I just miss being young


Proofs of my addiction:

Image Hosted by

Yes, that's young me.
But I have this frame next to my bed.
Sort of.

Oh and back in CSB, we were asked to write a book review on any book we chose. Want to know what book I picked?

Image Hosted by
Out of Sync.
Lance Bass' Auto-biography.
Which I have perched on top of my TV.
So, if I were to wake up in the morning and sit up, that's one of the first few things I'd see.

Image Hosted by
Having all of their CD's is probably already a given.

But what's weird is...

Image Hosted by
I have two copies of two of their CD's.
The Greatest Hits album... I forgot where I got the other one but my first copy, I bought from China when I went there to study.
Then, the Celebrity album, I bought my second copy 'cause it had this bonus DVD thing that didn't come with the first one.

In total, I think I spent, give or take, Php5,000 on all these CD's.
Image Hosted by
Worth it?

Hope you guys like this more candid view of my life.

Tell me what you want to see on the next post.

Miss you guys!

What is that thing you are obsessed with even if it's not uso (popular) anymore?


voodoo girl said...

did you watch the movie On The Line? i did because i had a semi-crush on lance bass back then. nun pala bading no? LOL oh well.... :)

good luck on your finals!

WonderWoman said...

Haha. Were you crushed when you found out Lance likes men? :p Buti nalang I was a Backstreet Boys girl. Until now, they're still around. :p

swexie said...

Hahaha! I wasn't much a fan of boybands. But I dig Spice Girls and Britney Spears. Haha!

fashioneggpplant said...

lol, you are the biggest n sync fan i have ever come across! :P

join my giveaway!!!

Hollie said...

I miss your posts mitch! this is really fun to read, especially with lance bass in!

kayeen. said...

Haha I can soooo relate. :)) I was a huge fan of boybands back then too. NSync, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, 5ive, Boyzone, 911...

Marie said...

Good luck with finals!:D

***** Marie *****

cafémobility said...

what a memento, parang walang pinagbago, hahahaha.

Michelle said...

@voodoo girl: I SPENT 5 YEARS TRACKING DOWN A COPY OF ON THE LINE!!!! LOL But yeah, I did watch it. Wasn't that good but I LOVED it nonetheless!! And Lance Bass is such a lucky dude. He gets all the hot boys.

@Wonderwoman: Slight. But I got over it! LOL And there's wind that 'N Sync might be reuniting! I hope it's true though! :-/

@Swexie: I used to love Britney Spears too! The 90's version of her. Not a fan of her recently. :-/

@Sarah: Thanks! I'll take that as a compliment! LOL

@Hollie: He's such a hottie, no?

@Kayeen: SISTER!!!! I LOVED 'N Sync, Backstreet, 98 Degrees and O Town just cause of Ashley Parker Angel.

@Marie: Thank you! :D:D

@cafemobility: It was such a precious time of my life! LOL