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Whitening Pizza Party? (7/9/11)

First, outfit!
Vest, Greenhills; Bandeau, Bench; Top, Jacqueline Jarethshop; Necklace, MeTime Manila; Bracelet, gift; Ring, Aldo; Jeans, Bench; Boots, Babo; Bag, HandPickStore

The iWhite Korea event was held at Papa John's in Annapolis Street, Greenhills. It was really close to where I live so, going there was not a problem. :-)

iWhite Korea basically, is a Korean skin care brand that uses the Bio Nano Technology.

When I heard this, I was like, WTF is that??

The example used when explaining this was when you make meringue. You only use egg white and sugar. (I think.) If even just the slightest bit of egg yolk gets into the mixture, the meringue will not come out right.

So, basically, that's Bio Nano Technology in a nutshell. It gives you the purest ingredients for more refined and potent products.

I'll tell you guys more about the products later on.

But one thing I should mention is that they DO NOT test on animals! Yay!

Now, let's start with the event itself!

A section of the second floor of the restaurant was reserved for the event. It was a pretty big place with plenty of space.

There were four activity booths prepared.
The photo above is the peeled off version of the iWhite Korea Whitening mask. The lady who used the product didn't take her makeup off prior and the mask took off the product for her!

This second one is pretty gross/cool. If you click on the photo to enlarge and zoom in on the nose area, you can actually see the white heads stuck on the mask!

On the second booth, there were three tubes of moisturizer. The identity of the moisturizer was concealed and we were supposed to guess which one was the iWhite Korea moisturizer.

The products were placed on the back of our hand and I knew at once that brand B was the iWhite moisturizer because when I was rubbing the product in, water droplets started to form! That's how moisturizing it was!

Brand C was Cetaphil moisturizer and I think this may even be better than that!

At the third booth was a memory game. Among the seven cards, we were to pick the two cards that had the picture of the iWhite Korea Moisturizing Facial Wash.

Every time I flipped a card, I was hoping to see the purple cap of the tube that would make me a winner.

The fourth booth was pretty similar to the second one except this time, it was foundations/facial creams. There were mystery brands and among those mystery brands was an Ever Bilena foundation.

I don't remember if it was the Ever Bilena foundation that everyone raves about (I don't think it was cause it didn't look all that good on the back of Apple's hand). Anyways, the consistency of the foundation was so off which made it much easier for us to guess which one was the iWhite Korea Facial Cream.

This product is really cool, perfect for people on the go because it works as a whitening product, it has SPF and it can replace your makeup primer as well.

Every correct answer we gave, they gave us a sample of one of their products!

After the activities, we waited for the official event to start.

While waiting, there was a little booth that showcased their products. Here, you can also experience an iWhite facial.

But everyone had a full face of makeup on so, not many volunteered to have the facial.

They also served some snacks while we wait for the event to start.
On the left were some fried potato wedges and on the right were some bread sticks. The first thought that came to me when I saw those bread sticks was that they looked like giant tamarinds.

But later on, we found out how good they were especially with the butter and garlic dipping sauce.

At 3pm, the event itself started and Mr. JP Gil, the brand manager, told us more about the company and the products and the important ingredients in each product.
I'll tell you guys more about them later but they do have some pretty AWESOME ingredients. If you want the FULL LOAD of information, then click here because I took pictures of each and every slide just so you guys could feel like you were there with us. :-)

After the presentation, since not many of us wanted to experience the facial, Mr. JP himself volunteered to take the facial just to show us the product.

Afterwards, the food came!
This was what my plate looked like! Everything was so yummy! :-)

Chocolate ice cream for dessert! You see the Kit Kat there? That's soya flavored Kit Kat that Sugar gave me! Thank you! Hihi.

Here is the facial treatment being done on someone.

So, there, that's basically the whole event. Here are some of the pictures with other bloggers who were present at that time.
Bec and her date

Top: Paulo, me and Ann
Bottom: Tiff, Charles and Apple

The iWhite team and the Big Boss in the middle

Charles, Tiff, Apple, Lori, me, Ann and Antonio

The bloggers with the Big Boss

Me and Tiff
I love her top and her sandals!

Table mates!
Charles, Sugar, Apple, Lori and Ann

Ann, me, Tiff and Lori with our iWhite goodies!

Our table!
Apple, Ann, me, Paulo, Antonio, Tiff, Charles and Sugar

Me and Sarah!
I wanted a picture with her from the moment she walked in the area.

Her Litas!
Hayy... Hanggang picture nalang ako.

Antonio, me and Tiff
He really really really wanted a picture of us holding up the goodie bags we got! :-)

Now, onto the products itself!

1. Aqua Moisturizing Cream
  • Php169
  • Php20/sachet
  • Water-based moisturizer (good for us with the oily faces)
  • with Mulberry Extract, Panax Ginseng and Green Tea

2. Facial Cream (perfect for on-the-go girls)
  • (I didn't get the price for this one. Sorry!)
  • Whitening
  • Dual UV Protection
  • MakeUp Base

3. Moisturizing Facial Wash
  • Php139
  • Php18/sachet
  • Non-comedogenic
  • has Mulberry Extract and Panax Ginseng
4. Whitening Pack
  • Php199
  • Php20/sachet
  • Facial Mask that removes dirt
  • has Mulberry Extract, Panax Ginseng and Aloe Vera

5. Nose Pack
  • Php189
  • Php17/sachet
  • Removes blackheads, white heads and dirt
  • has Mulberry Extract, Panax Ginseng and Aloe Vera
(Thanks Bec for the list of prices! Hihi! I just copied off of her!)

I really really don't want to extend this blog post any longer but I used to be the girl who highlighted her whole book just cause I thought every single information was important. So, here are the common ingredients used in their products and its purpose.

  1. Mulberry Extract - whitening effects
  2. Panax Ginseng - anti-oxidant, removes wrinkles and age spots
  3. Aloe Vera - moisturizing effects
  4. Titanium Dioxide - UV protection
  5. Green Tea Leaf Extract - anti-oxidant
  6. Vitamins A, C, E - protects the cell from damage and pre-mature aging
  7. Vitamin B5 - promotes elasticity
So, these properties are found in their products.

Of course, I cannot vouch for their products as of yet. If any of you guys want a review on any of the products I mentioned, then just say so.

So, other than that...

Hope you like!

How you ever tried iWhite Korea products before?
Which one is your favorite?


Aya said...

Yes I have! The nose pack. And since they have it in tubes now, Imma go get me one! Hehe

Michelle said...

It's so fun! Natetempt akong everyday gawin yung nose pack! :-)

Reika Amakura said...

I use their facial mask. it kinda hurts co its a peel off pero tanggal naman yung whiteheads, etc..

the mask photos were scary x_x

Michelle said...

I knoow! The mask photos freaked me out too! :-/ LOL!

I looove using their masks! I love when it hardens and you can't move your mouth much anymore.

But I agree... taking it off hurts. :-)

i am certified said...

Looking forward for your reviews on each product you posted here :)

Tiffiefum said...

Thank you again Mich for inviting me to this event!<3

By the way my giveaway is up na, you might wanna join!:))

Jellybelly said...

A new Korean skincare brand to try! We can't have enough of them. Btw, I love your boots!

fashioneggpplant said...

aww, how sweet :) <3 i gotta get started on my post, props to you, yours is so complete! it was real nice to finally meet you in person even if you make me feel like dinosaur! :P

Anonymous said...

Can you do a review of all their products! I want to give the brand a shot but I'm scared because it might break me out. Btw, do you have sensitive skin? :)

AiRene said...

Thanks for sharing,great post, though I haven´t heared about the iwhite korean products before.

x, AiRene

Nicole said...

I'm gonna go buy myself their Nose Pack! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have tried their facial cream and nose pack and it feels good on my face ♥

maricarljanah said...

I nearly fainted when you said the bread sticks looked like giant tamarinds! hahaha!

Michelle said...

@i am certified: I'll try to post some once I have some time off of homework. :-)

@Tiff: I'll check it out! Thanks Tiff! :-)

@Jellybelly: You gotta hand it to them, Koreans do know their stuff when it comes to skin care! :-)

@Sarah: You look FAR from dinosaur-ness. I was almost starstruck when I saw you walk in! LOL

@Anonymous: I don't have sensitive skin. :( But try clicking on the other bloggers and check out their posts on these products. :-)

@Airene: I suggest you try the nose pack for starters. :-)

@Nicole: No problem! :D

@Rockbleeder: Oooohhh... You got me excited to try the facial cream!

@Janah: LOL! Me and the boyfriend were trying to get the other to try it out first! Cause we really didn't know what it was!

Witoxicity said...

That must have been a very interesting, fun-filled event. I've never heard of this brand before. I like the active ingredients that they use. :)

Michelle said...

I know! I liked them even more when I found out that they didn't test on animals. :-)