Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Legit Blog + Haul + OOTD: A Day in My Life (7/8/11)

Again, I apologize for the haphazardly taken pictures!

I have been so busy these days with homework which is also why my commenting on your guys' blogs are down to a minimum.

So much school work, it takes some getting used to.

Anyways, I'll summarize to you what happened in my life today.

I woke up at around 10am.

Went to work with my plates.

(It's what we call our homework. Don't ask. I don't know why either.)

Anyways, I ate lunch at around 12noon.

Then, more plates.

Went out for dinner.

Got home.


I finished at 3am.

4 plates in 1 day.


Here's a photo of a plate.

Left: Before, Right: After
As you can see I got an 80 on the before.
Compare the two.
Mucho improvement, in my opinion! :-)


SIGN NUMBER 1: Check the room. (If it's messy, means I'm busy.)

SIGN NUMBER 2: Count the ponytails. (3 means BUSINESS.)

So, basically, that has been my life these days.

Oh and I mentioned that we went out for dinner. It was my youngest brother and my dad's birthday. Yes, they have the same birthday. Cool, huh?

Since it was my dad's birthday, we had to wear red.

Since I was so into my homework, I got dressed at the last minute and just grabbed random clothes and accessories. We ate at Gloria Maris then dessert at Happy Lemon.

Top, Zara; Skirt, The Platform; Shoes, Fancy Flats; Necklace, Swarovski; Bangle, Girl Shoppe

Bag is supposedly Louis Vuitton but I'm still in the process of figuring out if it's real or not.

Then, amidst the stress, a package came for me.

Turns out my boyfriend got me an early birthday present!

... or presentS.

The timing was perfect. Just the thing I need to take off some of the stress.

Here's what I got.

Of course, it's from none other than Jacqueline Jarethshop.

Thank you Paulo! :-)

So, that's what happened today.

Hope you like!

How do you know if an LV bag is the real deal?


Miss Donata said...

i love your finds!!!


Reika Amakura said...

me too. I tie my hair when Im doing something serious. I dont want anything annoying on my face

You have such a sweet bf :)

voodoo girl said...

OMG we tie our hair the same way when on work mode! hahaha!

voodoo girl said...

by the way, my sister is an ID too and i remember that she'd sleep at 4am just to finish her plates. she even had that huge drafting table in our room. i was still a kid then and all i wanted to do was play with all her supplies (especially the coloring stuff!)

Anna Banana said...

are you taking up graduate studies? or is this your bachelor's degree?

Anonymous said...

wow, that explains.. lol
i miss you baby.. wish you luck!
you're doing a great job!
God Bless!

hope to read more updates from you!!

fashioneggpplant said...

your bf is really the sweetest! how was shoe in love? did you get anything? :)

i am certified said...

busyness indeed! :)

Aya said...

So yan pala ang plates. Haha I've heard the term so many times already from an archi friend and I never understood what it was. :]

♥ Sarah ♥ said...

There's a lot of ways in which you can tell if an LV bag is not fake...such as if there is a date code inside the bag to say when it was made (you will find it on the inside stitching of the bag), if the untreated cowhide leather straps start darkening from the oils/pollution/air/etc after a few months of constant use, if the LV monogram on the outside isn't cut straight through for the stitching, if bag is made from one entire piece of canvas material, if you have an authenticity card/dust bag/receipt, if the bag is actually on the LV website, if the straps and canvas do not break/crack and also just from touching and looking at the quality of the canvas/leather, you can really tell if it is fake or not....if the bag was a gift and is not on the website and is claimed to be an old style then if it has untreated cowhide straps (which yours does), then they should have turned darker by now..

There are a lot of videos on YT about it...I hope this helps! :)


Demü said...

omg! those plates remind me off school!! I was in architecture ...all drawings like that!!!
One week we had to draw a concrete wall!! You are definitely improving though! keep it up!!
Just a tip 2H led for your pencil will be better than 2B..its harder and sharper !

shopgirl jen said...

sweet naman ni boyfie! great taste mind you! hope to see you soon mitch! mwah! :)

Michelle said...

Thank you Miss Donata! :-)

@Reika: Thank you! He's the sweetest! :-) And yeap me too! I was kinda regretting the hair cut I got recently. :-/

@voodoo girl: I have a huuuuge drafting board too!! :-) Only I don't let anyone touch it! LOL

@Anna Banana: It's my college course... It's (hopefully) my first degree.

@Diane: I miss blogging (and commenting) soo MUCH!!!! :-(

@Sarah: Not really.... I didn't like anything too much! :-/

@i am certified: I know right??

@Aya: Ito yung SIMPLE plates... may mga mas mahirap pa dito. =)))

@Sarah: WOW! Thank you soooo much for taking your time to answer that. We literally took everything out of the LV bag just to check.

@Demü: Thank you so much! If this plate is stressing me out, what more if we go on to more advanced things? :-/

@shopgirl jen: Super cute noh? He knows pa naman na ang stress these days! :-) Will I see you on Friday? :o

shopgirl jen said...

ann's not answering my text e :( dm me your number! mwah! :)

Michelle said...

I'm so late in replying! Sorry! I've been so busy!!

Witoxicity said...

I think your boyfriend's really sweet to have gotten you those early presents. I wonder what else he has in store for you. :)

Michelle said...

I already got my nth present! LOL I have a post coming on them soon. :-)