Thursday, July 14, 2011


I apologize for not being able to comment on your blogs as much so, in exchange, I am adding another part to my giveaway!

Apol, La Bella Manila's owner, has been a buyer of MeTime Manila for quite some time and she reached out to me in order to sponsor a giveaway! Yay!

So, first, what you have to do.

1. Be a follower of this blog.
2. Follow Apol's blog. [LINK]
3. Like La Bella Manila on FaceBook. [LINK]
4. Comment below the most awkward/funny situation the could happen while wearing contacts because the winners should know what not to do when they get their....


The first prize winner will get to choose which one he/she wants and the second place winner will get the other one.

Fair enough?

Here are the prizes!
GEO Contact Lense in Angel Brown
(photo taken from

GEO Contact Lense in Cherryholic Brown (Edward Cullen's eye color)
(photo from

So, there!

Good luck with your entries!!

Hope you like!

Giveaway will run from July 14, 2011 up until August 14, 2011


Anonymous said...

Done doing all the mechanics in your giveaways and I thought it's over. It was fun joining and this new one makes me excited because I never wear contact lens before. I hope this contest gives me opportunity to wear. :)

1. followed your blog via GFC - rockbleeder
2. Followed Apol's blog.
3. Liked La Bella Manila on FaceBook.
4. awkward/funny situation that could happen while wearing contacts - I think I would go infront of the mirror to be sure that the lenses fit my eyes. I know it would be frustrating just like removing a foreign object in the eyes like dust or eyelash and it would take me sometime

Reika Amakura said...

1. Im a follower :)
2. Followed Apol's blog.
GFC is dark_oracle21

3. Liked La Bella Manila on FaceBook.
FB name: Thea Claudette Plete

4. One awkward thing that happens to me when I wear my colored lens is that some really look at my eyes to check if Im wearing lens.

WonderWoman said...

1. Already following you.
2. Following Apol's blog now.
3. Liked La Bella Manila on FB as Angeline Rodriguez.
4. Not realizing that one of your contact lenses fell out and walking around the entire day with one colored eye and one non-colored eye. (This has already happened to me, unfortunately...)

11gHiEsZeLLe07 said...

1.I'm a follower GFC: 11ghieszelle07
2.I followed Apol's blog
3. Liked La Bella Manila on FB as Gizzele Alfonso
4. When taking a picture my eyes looks weird because I have the same eye with a cat...

giay said...


gfc follower: giay
Like La Bella Manila on FaceBook: Gigi Celemin-Beleno

he most awkward/funny situation the could happen while wearing contacts
"As a first timer, I'm afraid I may wear it inside out, and damage my eyes. Is there a real correct way of wearing a contacts?"

Regina C. Beleno

Rachel said...

Enter me, please! Thank you! :)
The most awkward situation would be when you had the urge to rub your eyes & one of your lenses pop out! And it's a colored pair! :)

Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva (followed both blogs)
FB: liked Bella Manila as Rachel Villanueva

Karen Mae Bautista said...

1. I'm a follower
2. Followed Apol's blog.
3. Liked La Bella Manila on FaceBook.
4 awkward moment that happens to me when I can't see clearly even though I am already wearing my contact lens.

nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

Mistery Shopping said...

following both by gfc ony_stanciu
fb oana alexandra stanciu
the most funny situation was...when i came home from a party...tired 7 in the morning...i went to bed without taking out my lenses...whn I woke lense was missing...try to find it in the white bed luck at do not go to sleep with your lenses mater how tired or drunk u are!

Robots in Trouble said...

oh oh oh !!! pick me!! i'm an avid commenter of your blog!!! hehehe! no really ! pick me! i'm on a tight budget :P

1. i've been a follower
2. done!
3. done!
4. well, i wear geo contacts, and when they dry up, it gets out of place a little and i tend to blink a lot when that happens. i'm not sure if people notice it but it happens ha! it's the silliest thing!

okay pick me! ily!!

-robots in trouble

Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

Thanks for the lovely giveaway:

Pretty please count me in:

Following both via:

GFC: Meg

Liked facebook page: Megha Mehtab (

funny thing, I guess could happen is you in a hurry forgot to put in the other lens.. haha! don't know much, have not tried any lenses myself!

Hope to win these!

email : megmehtab(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks a ton!



iam super said...

1. Already following you gfc nina morfe
2. Following Apol's blog now.
3. Liked La Bella Manila on FB as Nina Morfe.

funny when i wore green contacts, people keep on asking if they were real :)

Faye Gregorio said...

the most awkward moment when i wear my cps8 is that when someone asks me if i had a sore eyes because it is color red. I answered no, im from the Uchicha Clan. :D

Tootsie Jean said...

followed her and liked the page.

The most awkward that ever happened to me with contacts is when I fell asleep in class and when I woke up, my vision was blurry. My classmates were laughing at me because my my right eye lens were out of place. so I blinked then I removed and put it on again.

There was also another time when I accidentally wore contacts with different colors


Kriezl said...
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Alexandra. said...

GFC: Alexandra Simon
FB: Alexandra Ioana Simon

A weird situation would be wearing two different coloured lenses, because of being tired in the morning :))

czarina erica ong said...

1.I'm a follower GFC: Czarina erica Ong
2.I followed Apol's blog
3. Liked La Bella Manila on FB as Czarina Ong
4. hmm i think it would be when you wear your contacts and people would stare at your eyes hahahha

teen-teen said... i love you too.
By the way......
I have done the 1st three steps..
And the fourth step is...or my awkward situation was....

when i first wore contacts, since i was not used to it that time i kept blinking my eyes on the first day.....without knowing that my classmates at the back of chair were mimicking me...the most awkward here is that they were sitting beside my crush T.T *sad* ;(

teen-teen said...

Hi Mitch!! I received your email and I already sent my shipping info. Thanks a looooooooooooooooooooooot. I am really really happy. :)