Friday, July 15, 2011

OOTD: Watching a Movie Alone (7/10/11)

If you read my blog, you know that the boyfriend and I have already watched Transformers 3.

This Sunday, though, the family decides that they wanted to watch the movie!

I didn't want to sit through the WHOLE movie all over again so, I opted to watch Monte Carlo.


It wasn't as sad as I thought it would be.

After my movie, I still had 30 minutes until their movie would end so, I just walked around and shopped a bit.

It's weird, I'm so used to minding 6 or 7 other people when walking around the mall and getting to walk at your own pace without having to think of other people was actually quite refreshing.

Anywhoo... here's what I wore today.

Bandeau, Bench; Top, Bench; Skirt, Bazaar; Belt, CMG; Anchor Ring, Aldo; Gorgeous Ring, H&M; Sandals HDY

Sorry for my messy room.

I promise, it's clean now.

Hope you like!

Have you ever watched a movie in the theater alone?
If not, would you?


Nica said...

I've never did that but probably next time I'll try! ♥ Just wanna share this, my best friend went to a watched a horror movie, Alone and she was all alone watching it. As in siya lang mag isa nanuod ng movie. She didn't tag me to come and siya lang ang tao na nanunuod. Really! i'm not kidding. when she told me about it, i jokingly said to her "the movie is really meant for you!"

So, how was the movie? :)

swexie said...

I haven't watched a movie alone in a loooong time, but I used to do that and I'm just comfortable with it, as long as I'm wearing a jacket. Haha!

voodoo girl said...

i've watched movies alone - lovey dovey flicks pa... at that time it was love, actually & 50 first dates. you're right - it's not that bad. actually, i enjoyed it. the best time is on early afternoons on weekdays.

the rings are cute, btw :)

i am certified said...

I like the "gorgeous" ring.. :)

fashioneggpplant said...

i used to have my dinner in the movie house alone all the time :) love your anchor ring

shopgirl jen said...

wow! the last time i watched alone a walk to remember pa ata lol! it's ok to watch as long na d public masyado ung movie house. love your rings! sorry d tayo nagkita earlier :(

Lina Kim ♥ said...

I think it's fun to go shop and watch a movie alone, especially when watching horror ones! heheh... and your striped top look cute on you too <3

Michelle said...


@swexie: I know... Now that I think about it, watching a movie alone, compared to watching it with someone, there isn't much of a difference! :-)

@voodoo girl: I am starting to actually like watching movies alone. :-) And thanks dear. :-D

@I am certified: Thank you dear. :D

@Sarah: Wow! Social! May dinner pa! LOL

@Jen: Sayang wala kayo! :-( Ohwell, may other events pa naman. :D

@Lina Kim: I love it too! I don't have to think about boring other people with my shopping! :D

Witoxicity said...

I really love that anchor ring! I've watched a movie in the theater alone once before, long long time ago. I can't even remember now which movie it was! It wasn't such a bad experienced. :)

Belle said...

I actually love your messy room, as you've labeled it,, makes you more human i guess. not that you're not. but i feel like we're somehow closer in a way,idk, i'm weird like that :)

(and yes! i have a messy room too! ha ha)

Michelle said...

@Witoxicity: I love it! :-) I can focus more on the movie if I'm alone. :-)

@Belle: LOL! I kind of know what you mean. :-)But I'm generally an organized person. It's just that when I'm busy, school comes first, room comes second. LOL