Saturday, July 16, 2011

Haul: Continuing the Addiction

I have always been a fan of accessories.

If you make me choose between accessories or clothes...

I will hyperventilate.

But I have always been a huge fan of accessories and this weekend, I got to feed my addiction with some new pieces.

My mantra while buying?

"This is my birthday gift to myself."

Just so I can sleep at night even with a significant dent in my wallet.

Anyways, on with the purchases!
The two photos above were, yet again, from the boyfriend.

Php 350

Php 350

Php 140

Php 180

Broadway Gems

Wow. I didn't get that much after all. :-)

Hope you like!

If you were only to choose one, clothes or accessories, which one would it be?


AyLin said...

cutie ♥

Nica said...

Love the vintage necklace! :) ♥

Kai Sensei said...

Same tayo. Accessories or Fashion? Super hard choice! I love accessories! I somehow end up buying accessories whenever I see them. NOT GOOD when on a tight budget. So cool! You bought the white feather necklace at Girl Shoppe! Ako I bought the feather earrings. PINK! Hehe.. I just blogged about it. I plan on getting their necklace too.. I dunno if I should get BLACK or WHITE.

Michelle said...

@AyLin: Thank you so much!

@Nica: Thank you so much!

@Kai: Buti nalang pala I have good self-control! LOL I was thinking between black and white too but then I saw brown a while ago and I'm thinking if I should get that one too! LOL

lavender said...

Hi Mitch

Nice collection. For me, I prefer clothes but I like to see others wear accessories. I am not used to wearing accessories.

Michelle said...

My sister prefers clothes too. :-) I think it just depends on your personal style. Thanks lavender! :-)