Sunday, July 17, 2011

Treated Like A Goddess

Freyja is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility and gold.

Last Friday, I went to Freyja Day and Nail spa.

They just opened a few weeks ago and we all know what that means, OPENING SALE!

In addition to the opening sale, they have the "Afternoon Delight" promo, as well.

Here is what the interiors look like!

If I remember correctly, I think it was designed by Danny Lara.

I am definitely loving the cool mint green/blue and chocolate brown theme.

This is the waiting area that can be turned into a treatment area on a busy day! I love how they maximize the small space!

In the photo above, I especially love the chair on the right. Gotta have one for my future house!

Oh and do you see that little flower shaped sink on the floor? That's where you soak your feet for some services. It's permanently there on the floor but if you only choose to have a hand treatment, they place the little brown stool on the far left over it and bam! A foot stool is made!

The photo above is the wash area. I love the tiles effect!

I really didn't have any treatment or service in mind so, I just asked what they would recommend.

These are the services they offer and it's too cute! They also have a manicure service for kids! :-)

Anyways, the owner said that they would recommend me to have the Vana-Goddess Whitening Hand Spa.

She told me about the paraffin treatment but the word "paraffin" tickled my low pain tolerance so, I passed.

I also told her that I had my eye on some of the nail art swatches so, she let me try them.

Here's the P.O.O. (pamangkin (niece) of owner), Des and our other friend Rachelle.

They both got the Vana-Goddess Whitening Foot Spa.

A well-deserved spa day after a week of plates.

Here are their attendants giving them their well-deserved pampering.

Rachelle enjoying her foot spa while sipping some complementary iced tea. You have a choice of being served coffee, hot tea or cold tea.

Here's Des enjoying her foot treatment as well.

Here are the very few photos I have of the treatment. My photographer (aka. The Boyfriend) wasn't there so, I had to ask Des to take my photo but she was also having a treatment so things were complicated.

If I remember correctly though, the first thing she did was to soak my hands in warm water. Afterwards, she exfoliated my hands and again with the warm compress. Afterwards, she placed a thing that she said was the mask on my hands and arms, wrapped it in cling wrap and then wrap in the towel.

Afterwards, she placed a serum and placed giant warm gloves on my hands.

Afterwards, nail art time!

When I go to nail places, I usually just get some nail art done, I don't really go for the treatments so, I can't really compare this to any other place but I did enjoy the treatment and it did relax my hands after a week of stress with drawings and everything.

Also, I did not experience any DRAMATIC changes but I did feel that my hands were significantly softer after the treatment.

When we got there, I was told that they just got a shipment of nail polishes! So, we were experiencing them right off the box!

Drawers upon drawers of expensive nail polishes! Ranging from Orly to Misa to some OPI's.

There were some displays of swatches of nail art and it was so hard to pick!

At this point, I was pretty much up for anything so I let the nail artisan take her pick and just surprise me.

Here are the tools that she used.

They used this thing called the Eco Gel Top Coat on my nails to make them last! The owner said that it can last upto 3 weeks!

As of right now, I haven't done anything that will test the top coat yet so, they're still pretty fine. I get tired of nail colors very easily so, I think I'll change it off before the three week mark.

Anyways, as for the Eco Gel Top Coat, they used this super cool UV drier that literally took SECONDS to try my nails!

I want one at home!

Although, the UV thing might not be too good for everyday.


It's a little bit out of character but I love it! Sunflowers are my favorite flowers after all.

The artisan did this FREEHAND which still wows me up till this moment.

Ann, Jen, Kai and Bec were also supposed to come but for whatever reasons, only Aya showed up.

I think she also asked for their recommendations because we ended up getting the exact same treatment but she didn't get nail art done.

After both our treatments, they invited us to view the massage rooms and of course, take some photos.

Here are the attendants fixing up for their next client.

Here's what it would look like once you walk in. I love the mood lighting.

Here are the tools of the trade.

Here is Aya trying to get the best shot possible by sticking herself into one tiny corner! Such a funny image! LOL

Here is Aya and I.

It's obvious that a person with Chinese in her blood owns this because of the plants! Growing up, we used to have those in our bathroom! It's supposed to bring money.

Oh and that well between Aya and I, it's a sink. Yes, I said sink.

I love how it isn't just a white ceramic/porcelain sink! I love how they worked it into the design.

I love their attention to detail when they bought these style of buckets! Hi Des!

Here is the owner busy at the front desk!

The owner with the bloggers.

The owner, her husband, me and Aya.

All in all, I super super super super recommend the nail art. The artisans are definitely talented. The treatment was awesome for me but I haven't had treatments done in other places so, I wouldn't really know.

But nail art? A definite YES!

So, definitely visit while they still have the 20% off on all services!

Hope you like!

Which nail art design would you have gotten?


Aya said...

MITCH! Natawa na lang ako sa mga pictures ko. Haha lalo na sa massage room. At dun sa naka-protrude na buhok sa ulo ko O_O

I like nail design #25 but with a different base color :)))

Nice seeing you again Mitch! Akala ko maliligaw ako kasi sa city center ako binaba ng jeep. Haha super lapit lang pala dun :)))

Lee said...

Gusto ko yung nail design #15. I can't remember the last time I had my nails done! Ang ganda ng mga couch nila. :D

i am certified said...

really nice place to chill and relax.. i love their nail art design but there location is far from my place.

Michelle said...

@Aya: Super fun seeing you again!! :D:D:D And ang cute mo nga dun sa massage room eh. =)))))

@Lee: You should try this place out! Their nal art is awesome. Or even if you just want a manicure... I love their nail polish collection!

@i am certified: I'm sure there are plenty more places like this nearer you. :-) It's fun to relax once in a while. :D

fashioneggpplant said...

im so there! :)

hazel said...

ang ganda nga ng sink!!! would love to have that at home too hahahaha! love your nail art ;)

DeBi said...

oh dear, i can't see the pictures....:(

sugar sugar said...

looks like fun! x) sorry i wasn't able to go. :(

mich i just realized your blog doesn't appear on my feeds and was surprised to see how many posts you already have. will try to check your site from time to time now. :)

Reika Amakura said...

I like nail number 17 <3
me too.. nail arts or nail polish dont last that long for me.. i like them only for a week..

Fashion CouSense said...

great review! :)


cherie said...

spas and nail care are my undoing.. this one looks so beautiful and relaxing!

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Rockbleeder said...

I have never tried having nail arts but I would love to try #1 and # 14 since i love black and white. My sister is really fond of nail arts so Freyja is a beautiful place where we could celebrate her birthday.

maricarljanah said...

because of this post, I want to go try any nail salon here in Cebu!

shopgirl jen said...

huhu i'm so inggit :( that was super traffic & coming from north area pinalala ng SM North sale. see u soon mitch! parang out of character ung sunflower nailpolish haha! pero fave flower ko din sya. mwah! :)

Michelle said...

@Sarah: See you there! LOL

@hazel: Isn't it pretty??? :D:D

@DeBi: Oh no!! I wonder what's wrong? :-/

@sugar: Oh that's too bad. :-( I post almost everyday so, just keep going back once a day at around 5pm. :D

@Reika: Same here!! There are just too many colors to choose from!! :D

@Cherie: Thank you so much!! :D

@Cherie: I know right?? It's so relaxing! :-)

@Rockbleeder: Oh it's perfect there! Tell me if you guys decide to go there. :D

@Janah: You should! They're very relaxing. :D

@Jen: I know diba?? Super not "me" yung sunflower! LOL Anyways, sayang wala ka! :-( But see you again sometime soon, hopefully.

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