Sunday, May 29, 2011

Suitcase Stories: Taiwan (Modern Toilet)


A unique dining experience. That's what I call our dinner at Modern Toilet.

We decided to celebrate my little sister's birthday at Modern Toilet. At first, you'd be weirded out by the name but when you get to the place itself, you'd totally understand.

The whole restaurant is themed around an actual toilet. That may be disgusting to some, but for me, it was so fun and so unique!

Here's the logo of the restaurant. I wished they would have gone with the iconic men-and-women-bathroom-sign. That would have had more of an effect on people.

But the best part of the restaurant, in my opinion, are the seats.
Yes, those are actual toilets that you sit on! Cool, huh? But don't worry, I tried opening it and no, it isn't actually attached to a sewer system.

So, if the chairs are toilets, then what did they use for tables?
Bathtubs! They used bathtubs with glass on top for the table.

They even filled it with flowers to make it a little bit more pleasant. Rubber duckies would have been more theme-appropriate.

They had little "poop" and toilet decors all around the whole place.

Attached to the wall is a faucet and some toilet paper and a loofa! The faucet didn't work, though.

The dishes look like mini toilets. It's not too much like a toilet that makes it disgusting but it has enough details so that you would know what it was.

I had a black mini toilet and I ordered the something-curry.

Side view! :)

Evey meal comes with a free ice cream. It only had one flavor but it would have been cuter if the flavor was chocolate.

I didn't know what the dish for the ice cream was supposed to be. Do you?

Anyways, we got some legit milk tea and headed on the bus to go home!

Hope you like!


AVA T.♥ said...

love modern toilet! real crazy though haha and hard to swallow food!

Yey for legit milk tea!

Michelle said...

The place was so cute! I love it! The food wasn't all that great though but it was an experience!

Yay indeed for the original milk tea! LOL

CAMILLA said...

such a unique restaurant ^^

Michelle said...

I know right! It was definitely a unique experience! :)

Sloperation said...

I always see photos of this restaurant around the net! so cool that you went there :) so cute!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have heard of this one before but a couple said that the food is just ok but it's the experience that counts when you eat in that resto!

if your friend used the orly bonder, that is a biotch when it comes to nail stains!

it does make the polish last, no chipping up until day 4 pero once you remove it you'll have nails that looks like they suffer from hepatitis na!haha

water nail decal is the main culprit kya i have bad nail stains e

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

I heard a lot about it! :) Last photo is cute!

Michelle said...

@Slo: I've never even heard of this up until the day we went there! =))

@thiamere: Yup! The food isn't as good as you would think it is.

Oh, maybe that's why. It left an impression that I should stay away from Orly. Now I know. Thanks!

@Ar-Ar: It's cause there's really a lot to say about the restaurant. Thanks, dear!

Hollie said...

so cool! even the plates are uniquely cute!

Lee said...

Crazy concept for a restaurant! Ang cute nung ice cream a’la poop style, i agree mas okay kung chocolate flavor siya haha :D

Lee of [Caffeinated Epiphanies]

Pammy said...

That was a crazy theme! Definitely not for people with very wild imagination like me. Haha! :P

Michelle said...

@Hollie: I know! I wanted to take one home!

@Lee: I was kind of disappointed/relieved that it wasn't chocolate flavored!

@Pammy: Yep! It definitely isn't suited for some people! But you should definitely at least try everything once!

abby | ybba said...

O_o look gross hahaha! i don't think i can eat there. creative of them to make such a restaurant though...

Aya said...

Haha cooooool! LOL at the large poop decor :D

Michelle said...

@abby: Yup! And brave too! I imagine not everyone should respond positively to this.

@Aya: I know right? But I don't think I can eat properly while staring at that the whole time!

sugar sugar said...

i often see this unique dining experience on blogs haha! =)

i think it's cool and cute. :3

voodoo girl said...

this is totally crazy! you're right - it should have been chocolate flavored ice cream.... or mocha. hahaha!

Tiffiefum said...

Omg the theme of the resto is soo cool! quite weird but uniue!:))

The food looks good Mich!

Michelle said...

@sugar: Really? I've never heard of the restaurant before we went there! And yeah, it's a very cute concept!! :)

@voodoogirl: But I don't think I can stomach it once it's brown and poop-like!LOL

@Tiff: The food was okaayy but it was the decor that got me. :))

fashioneggpplant said...

i think they put the ice cream in a mini bidet. im not sure if i like this or not...the ice cream looks like white turd! lol :)

ps. last day to enter my satchel clutch giveaway!

Kristine R. said...

I love Modern Toilet! Its like a tourist spot already. :) We went to the Modern Toilet in Mongkok but it closed down this year. So sad. I guess people don't really go there to eat but to take photos. :-)


Michelle said...

@sarah: I totally understand! It's doesn't work for everybody. Bidet? Is that what you call that? I'll keep that in my pocket for future use.

@Kristine: What?? I didn't know they had one in Mongkok!! Maybe it's cause it's under-advertised. If I woulda known, I wouldn't have waited until our trip to Taiwan to visit this restaurant.

Kristine Roa said...

It is! Quite remote actually. But the one in Causeway Bay is still open so I guess we have something to look forward to in HK again Modern Toilet-wise :)

Michelle said...

I don't think I'm going back. Once is enough and I didn't really enjoy the food. Once I have sat on those toilet seats, I think I'm good. :)