Monday, May 30, 2011

Accessories: All My Footwear!


Before anything, I wanted to tell you guys a story. When we were in Taiwan my brother said that he needed a new pair of shoes cause the ones that he had were breaking already.

I was like, you only buy shoes if the ones you had are breaking? Then, I figured it was cause he was a boy but then I find out that my sister also, as much as possible, keeps shoe purchases to a minimal.

So, I decided to take an "inventory" of some sort to keep track of what I have and to maximize everything cause honestly, while taking photos of these shoes, I kind of forgot that I had some of them!

Anyways, I figured to start with I'd show you how I store my shoes.

Some of you may or may not know but my mom owns a custom-made furniture business so, back when we were plotting out the house, she designed this bed which connects to a desk and which has a drawer under the bed for my shoes. Cool, huh?

First are my flip flops.
These are the kind of footwear that I definitely do not hoard on. I use flip flops at home and at the beach. That's it. So, I really just need one of these.

They're from Havaianas and the used to have little flowers on the strap but I ripped them off and they look that much better. They were a gift, by the way.

Next are my sandals.

Php699, Shoebox

These actually are my first pair of sandals, ever. Of course I had to have them in red. I remember my mom telling me that I should get them because they were so inexpensive. (I didn't know about that!)

Php2,000, CMG

I don't like wearing heels so, my mom got this for me. She said that it was an alternative to wearing heels cause they were shiny and dressy!

3 for Php1,000

The three sandals above are the three that I got for myself from HDY. They always have some sort of deals there and I remember the boyfriend telling me that this was a very good deal and that I should get them.

forgot how much, Artwork

I remember my friend Des getting a pair of these in purple and I remember wanting one too so bad that I got a pair for myself in yellow!

SGD 11, Forever 21

My mom bought this for me when we went to Singapore a year ago, I think? I love these shoes! They aren't the best quality and they aren't the most comfortable but they go with absolutely anything!

USD22.99, Ross

This is the most recent footwear purchase I (or my mom) made. I got these after suffering through the whole US trip with painful feet. It was too bad that I got this on the last day of the trip but still, it's so comfortable that it's worth every penny.

Php799, So Fab

I remember this being the second pair of flats that I ever had. The boyfriend thought that it looked cute too so, that was a plus.

Php 3,000, PabDer

I've always wanted black shiny flats! These were too cute to pass up! It has itty bitty tiny heels and it's just so adorable!

gift, Hong Kong

My mom got this for me while she was on one of her trips from Hong Kong. It's a couple sizes too big so I have yet to get some insoles for them. These are my lazy shoes. I wear them when I am not planning on walking a lot. Like going over to a friend's house or something.

forgot how much, Primera

These were my first pair of ballet flats ever. I remember purchasing this from a store at Hip in Rockwell. They're beat up but that just shows you what kind of a shoe owner I am. Unless they're totally broken, I'll still keep them and wear them.

Php799 (I think), Fancy Flats

I was on the lookout for some classic black flats and I remember seeing this on multiply and I remember placing my order immediately. I like the fact that it's a classic black ballet flats but it puts a twist on the Mary Jane style. I remember this being called the "Vixen" shoe.

Php699, Fancy Flats

I bought this at the same time I purchased the black ones and I remember that I thought they were red. When I actually got them, I was a bit disappointed to see that they were hot pink but hey, they're still cute.

Php899, Artwork

Last year, I was on a mad hunt for a pair of moccasins. I saw this at Artwork but I didn't have enough money at that time to make the purchase. Last Christmas though, the boyfriend handed me an Artwork paper bag and I was ecstatic!

I remember he gave them to me at Plaza V in CSB Taft Campus and he asked me to try them on immediately so that he can have them changed just in case they don't fit.

Php750, Soleil

I got this for myself back from the SuperSale Bazaar at Rockwell. I remember writing about this in my first ever blog post. I was also on a mad hunt for a pair of espadrilles at that time and I was so happy that I found a cute affordable pair at the bazaar.

Php500, Parisian

These are the cutest pair of shoes I have ever seen! It's like a pair of flats and oxfords had a baby. I really didn't want this color but these were the only ones they had in my size. I wanted to purple one but no bueno.

Php200, SM Surplus Store

I got this because the boyfriend won't let me leave the store until I bought these. Don't get me wrong, I love these styles of shoes so I had no problem getting them for myself. Especially with that kind of a price tag.

If shoes could have dupes, then these would be an exact dupe for the sneakers being sold at Cotton On.

Php 2,000, Dorothy Perkins

You guessed it! I was once on a mad hunt for a pair of Oxfords so, when I saw this at Dorothy Perkins, five words ran through my mind, "I am taking you home!"

Php1,500, Aldo

The boyfriend got this for me two Christmases ago. Obviously we don't believe in the whole fighting thing that happens if you get someone shoes as gifts.

I remember he texted me during class to go out. I did and I see him there carrying an Aldo paper bag. I freaked! he asked me to try them on and I didn't cause I had to get back in!

I forgot how much, Keds

I went to ICA for high school and for some reason, they required us to wear predominantly white shoes ONLY for P.E. I remembered pairing my white keds with black shoelaces with skulls and I almost got in trouble for that!

So, once I graduated, I got some textile paint and boom! These shoes were born.

I forgot how much, Converse

I remember buying this from a store in Singapore way WAY back. I thought the colors were cute then later, I found out that these were limited edition shoes for the Argentinian soccer team.

I forgot how much, Converse

These were my second pair of Converse ever. Everybody needs the black classic pair of high tops so, I got these. I found them too boring though which was why I changed the shoe laces. Also, I usually wear this with the tops folded down.
I forgot how much, Converse

These were my first ever pair of Converse shoes. I fell in love with the graffiti style it has that I just needed to get them. I think that these were men's shoes but whatever.

I forgot how much, Hardy Togs

You might think I'm crazy for keeping this but it's sentimental. These were my high school shoes and I figured that if I kept them, I could use them for Halloween of something.

I have no idea how much this was or where this was from. I use this for swimming in the beach but I think I can pull off wearing this to the mall.

HKD200+, Hong Kong

My mom said that these boots had a great deal so, she got them for me. I love these boots! I pretty much lived in them when we went to Alaska. It looks good with jeans, leggings and dresses!

Php 1,700, Babo

Des got this for me for my birthday a couple years back. She got them in gray and I wanted them so bad in brown but again, I really didn't have the spare cash to be spending on shoes at that time so, she got them for me!

I remember she went to my house, called me to go down. Once I got to the front door, she handed me a plastic bag and said that she had to go. I opened and along with a little note were the boots. I died. Notreally.

Php1,500, The American Store

There used to be a store at Shangri-La Mall called the American Store. They sold all kinds of things but most of the items in their inventory were winter clothes and accessories. My mom got these boots for me because we were supposed to go to Korea during winter, three Christmases ago.

These were from a brand called Croft and Barrow and these look amazing with dresses.

Php 2,100, Topshop

My only pair of going out heels. I pretty much wear this for all occasions that call for heels. I kind of regret getting them in red because that doesn't give much versatility but I figured I have my mom's shoe closet that I could raid so, this one is perfect for being my only pair of heels.

So, there you go. Those are all my shoes! Well, I have an emergency pair of sandals in my car but aside from that, these are all my shoes!

I still have my eye on a couple of shoes but for now, I'm happy!

Here's what they look like after I took pictures.

And here they are all nice and organized!

The ones that couldn't fit under my bed are in my cabinet along with old shoe boxes.

So, there you go!

Hope you like!


fashioneggpplant said...

i love that shoe compartment thing under your bed! i NEED that! remember my shoe post before? they have substantially multiplied since then! lol! btw, i need a custom shelf in my living room for all my records, books, tv, dvd, sewing machine etc. how much kaya? tnx! :)

ps. last day to join my satchel clutch giveaway!

Sloperation said...

I remember going with you to get the HDY deal :) I remember your bed shoe compartment too!

MissGennD said...

I find your blog very cute~ I'm a new follower. Will take me a lot of time before I could finish reading all of your entries~

Aya said...

So many shoooooes! I like the compartment under your bed. Hehehe ako naman puro heels (kasi I want/need the height?) Haha

Michelle said...

@Sarah: I replied to you na! :-) I envy your shoe collection! I wish I was blessed with the ability to walk in heels!

@Slo: Ooohh... I remember we were out with Tiff and Paul that night! And we watched the Chipmunks! LOL

@MissGennD: Thank you soo much!! I hope you have a fun time reading!

@Aya: Hihi! It's my mom's creation! I need the height too but I can't stand the pain! LOL

evey ♥ said...

wow overloaded footwear!! :) they're lovely!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you! If I get anymore, I'm going to need an extension to my room! :))

Abi said...

That shoe compartment is very practical!

Michelle said...

I know.:-) Especially since my room is very small! :)

Thanks Abi! :)