Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Suitcase Stories: Taiwan (Fisherman's Wharf)

Hey guys!!

Here's the final post for the Taiwan leg of the trip. The next Suitcase Story would be about our trip in San Francisco already. Yay!

Anyways, this one's about our visit to the Fisherman's Wharf.

My mom always said that if you're in a foreign country and you don't know where to go, going somewhere near the sea would be your best bet because there's always going to be some sort of activity there.

Apparently, she was right cause in the past month, I think I've been to three to five different Fisherman's Wharfs in different places.

Here's a photo of the road. We were literally sitting on the sidewalk while waiting for the bus to come and take us to the Fisherman's Wharf itself.

Here is a random plant beside the road. It's so pretty!

This is my brother going to get a drink. It was a very warm day there and we were prepared for a cold one.

Finally we got to the Fisherman's Wharf and here's what greeted us.

It was a food market full of seafood and other things.


I just liked the color of the packaging.

Here's what the bridge going to the boardwalk looks like. It took my little brother a good thirty minutes to cross it cause he's scared of heights! LOL

Here are the boats docked along the boardwalk.

The boardwalk itself. It was full of places to eat!

You can eat your meal at the very edge of the boardwalk.

Let's end with a picture of my lunch (appetizer) LOL!

Hope you like!


sugar sugar said...

food!! food porn! :) haha! thanks for sharing these amazing pictures michelle! =)

Michelle said...

Thank you for reading them Sugar! :D

The Beauty-Addict said...

waaa! :D lovely photos! excited for the next posts! watta mouth watering photo! yum! =))

Michelle said...

Hihi! Thanks Ann! Excited to show you guys what happens next!

Hollie said...

more awesome pics!

Aya said...

Now I'm craving for fishballs! :DDD

Michelle said...

@Hollie: Coming soon!

@Aya: Don't even get me started on "cravings" right now! =))

Anonymous said...

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voodoo girl said...

based on this and your previous posts, your mom has really interesting and great advice. i like her already :D

Michelle said...

@Anonymous: Thanks. :)

@voodoogirl: Hihi She's awesome like that. :) Thank you! I'll let her know you said that. =))

Sloperation said...

fooood! :) the random plant is so pretty!

Michelle said...

I knoooow!! It's so orange and unusual! :)

MariaKristela said...

I love fish balls! I think it's the only street food that I eat. :)

Btw, I changed my blogspot address. Please follow me at mariakristela.blogspot.com. Thanks! :)

Michelle said...

Ohmygosh! Me too! I only eat fish balls, squid balls or kikiam! LOL

Sure will! :)

The Hue Smiles said...

sounds like a fun adventure!
Forever Chic,

Michelle said...

We did! Thanks Amber! :)