Saturday, May 28, 2011

Review: Elianto 8pc. Brush Set


Someone asked me to do a review on the Elianto 8pc. Brush Set that I bought a few months/years ago. Sorry sorry! I forgot who you are and I don't remember where you commented. Comment below if it's you so I can link you in the post. Apologies.

Anywhoo.. Here goes!

The bag that it comes in is pretty nice! It doesn't look like a brush roll at all. It looks almost like a clutch.

It has an elastic thing that goes around the button at the back.

And it also has a zipper for extra protection.

Here's what it looks like inside. I gave one brush away which is why it's missing one.

Flaps up!

I don't know why this photo rotated itself but the brush handle is very chic. It's a matte black color with the brand name printed on it in white. The brush ferrule is very chic too! I like that it's black as opposed to being silver.

As for the brushes itself, here are my thoughts.

Powder Brush:
1. Flimsy
2. Not Dense
3. Scratchy but Tolerable
4. Hair Falls Out

Angled Brush: (pretty much the same as the powder brush)
1. Flimsy
2. Not Dense
3. Scratchy but Tolerable
4. Hair Falls Out

Eyeshadow Shader Brush:
1. Great for packing on color
2. Great for blending
3. I could survive on this brush alone

Small Angled Brush
1. Soft
2. Flimsy
3. Can be used for blending
(the other brush that I don't have is just a bigger version of this one)

Eyeliner Brush:
1. Soft&Flimsy

Here are the two brushes that I probably use the least but I still find it handy to keep them there.

So, there you go.

The whole brush set costs about Php800-Php1000, I can't really remember.

Overall, the eye brushes are AMAZING but the face brushes are mediocre. This would be a good beginner brush set.

I still use the eye brushes religiously but I traded the Elianto face brushes for my Marionnaud ones.

Hope you like!


Ar-Ar Malalis said...

almost like a leather wallet! :)nice!

I Am Ahne said...

I am a fan of their eye brushes ...nice packaging as well :)

Pammy said...

I think their brushes are flimsy and I don't think I would buy again, ever! Unless they revamp their brush line. I'd rather buy Marionnaud brushes. I own a couple of their eyeshadow brushes - the big and small shader brushes. The bristles of the big one just broke off and separated from the handle. And I mean just the hairs glued together. Bummer. But the small one is still alive and a pretty decent one. :)

DeBi said...

too bad elianto is leaving the country for good. i wanna try their eyeliners pa naman

Sab said...

Great review! :)

Michelle said...

@Ar-Ar: I know! This can totally pass off as a clutch! Too cute!

@Ahne: I'm a fan of their face brushes and of their packaging too! Too pretty! :)

@Pammy: I totally agree. Marionnaud over Elianto any day. But what I don't like about Marionnaud is that all their brushes are synthetic. Not really easy for blending.

@Debi: Leaving the country for good? What?? I don't buy from them that much but WHAT??

@Sab: Thanks Sab!! :)

Hazel said...

elianto... you'll be missed hahaha! i love the clutch-like case :) but too bad not all the brushes were good!

Hollie said...

I tried a couple of their eye brushes before but it was total fail, I didn't like it at all. It's just too flimsy and hair kept falling out. I love the bag that came with though.

Michelle said...

@Hazel: I know!! With brush sets like these, I don't think you can ever pick one that has all good brushes without spending a lot!

@Hollie: Thanks Hollie! Now I know to stay away from their eyeshadow brushes.

Aya said...

Yeah, Mitch, Elianto closed all their stores in the Philippines na. The only stall left is at SM North. And until the end of the month na lang daw :(

Michelle said...

Ohmygosh! I didn't know that! I've been meaning to try their nail polish base/top coat. I hope I get mine in time!

sugar sugar said...

the packaging is nice though too bad the brushes aren't. :(
thank you for the honest review mich. :)

Chococcuro said...

This is what I need! I only own one brush for blush that I got free with something I purchased haha.

Nice blog btw, will follow ^^

Michelle said...

@sugar sugar: The packaging and that one brush are probably the best things about the whole brush set. :-)

@Chococcuro: LOL. You better get it soon! Sounds like Elianto's closing up for good soon!