Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Haul: Other Side of the World


I snatched the family camera so I can finally do the haul.

Alriiight! Here goes!

White Beaded Bag

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Splash, Shower Gel and Body Lotion
Bath and Body Works
99cents each

Naturalizer Sandals

Celebrity Cruise Scarf

Peacock Feather Necklace

1. Leather Necklace; Tongass Trading, Ketchikan; $14.99
2. iLuv Earphones; Fry's; $5.00
3. The Underground Tour Paperweight; Free

1. Bingo Keychain; Free
2. Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime Verbana Body Lotion and Volumizing Conditioner; Free
3. Pearl Pendants; Free
4. Tribal Pin; Free

Turquoise Ring

I bought another top at Ross but it's in the wash right now so, I'll show it to you guys some other time.

I did good right? I didn't purchase much. My other siblings did more damage than me and I'm so proud of myself!


Hazel said...

why did you get a lot of items for free? haha curious :P i love the feather necklace btw!

Pammy said...

Nice haul and you didn't haul that much. I see you've been a good girl. :P Welcome back! :)

geishcharles said...

haha pammy is so mommy-ish! we missed u pretty lil thung!

fashioneggpplant said...

welcome home! i love the peacock necklace you got :)

Anonymous said...

I looooove the scent of warm vanilla sugar! (: Makes me feel all warm & cozy.

DeBi said...

warm vanilla sugar is looove! thumbs up for not spending too much! lol

love the turquoise ring! so pretty

Hollie said...

Love the Turquoise Ring and BBW trio! I was expecting you to haul tons, but it seems you controlled yourself...hahaha

voodoo girl said...

cute haul! did you get any skincare & makeup stuff?

Aya said...

Cute sandals! :DDD

Michelle said...

@hazel: some of those things i got from hotels and the other stuff were just free for participating in certain things. :)

@pammy: i have too much stuff!! I didn't think i'd need anymore!

@geishcharles: miss you guys too!! We should do something!

@fashioneggplant: i am obssesed with that necklace!!!

@tiff: i knowww!! i couldn't resist it once i smelled it! LOL

@debi: thaaaanks!! :) i loooove that ring too! :)

@hollie: i don't like hauling too much especially when it's my mom's money. :)

@voodoo girl: i didn't.. Lol. I just have too much stuff already!!

@aya: thanks! They're by naturalizer pa so comfy sya. :)

w... I just ha

Tiffiefum said...

I love the peacock feather necklace! Miss you Mich, see you soon!:)

Michelle said...

See you soon Tiff!!!

sugar sugar said...

yes, you've been good. :) i like all the stuff you got mich! you really have great taste. ;)

Michelle said...

Thanks Sugar!! I'm so proud of myself! LOL

Joan.Dorina said...

perfect posttt..love yourr blog honey..follow us and we will follow YOU back in the next few hours..kisses from GREECE :))

Michelle said...

Wow! Thank you sooo much Joan!! :D

AVA T.♥ said...

super love the accessories!:)

kikaysimaria.blogspot.com said...

i love vanilla scents that's why I love bath and body works body lotion! btw, the ring looks gorgeous. nice haul michelle. love your haul!

Michelle said...

@Ava: Me too!!!

@Maria: I looooove vanilla scents too! OBSESSED with them! Thanks dear! :D