Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awesome Find/Dupe: Nail Polish Remover Bottle


I was bopping around Saizen a few months ago and my friend spotted this and talked me into buying one and I frikkin owe her.

If you guys are familiar with the Zoya Nail Polish remover, it has this pump-packaging-thing. I found a kind of dupe for that. The first bottle me and my friend found was from Beabi and it was worth Php500+. Too much for us so, we just went to Saizen.

We found the exact same thing for Php85. I need not mention the speed of our running as we headed to the cash register once we found this.
So, basically what you do with this is that you open it up and pour in your favorite nail polish remover.
The nozzle (if you can even call it that) is this pump thing. What you do is you grab a wad of cotton, put it in the middle of the top area and push down.
After a couple of pumps, you'll see that a decent amount of remover is already in your cotton pad/wad/ball.

It really is a mess-free nail polish remover container and I highly highly highly suggest that you purchase one of these.

This can be found at Saizen at the cosmetics organizer area.

Tell me if you end up buying it! :D


sugar sugar said...

this is so cute and useful. :) i hope this doesn't go out of stock. =)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i already owned a bottle of this too which i bought at a nail art stall near i live for P50.

At first i like it but later on i feel that it doesn't pump out as much product as i want it to. I ended up pushing it again & again & nothing would come out.

I got frustrated at it so i end up just throwing it away.

even though it's cheap, i think it was just a waste for me.

Michelle said...

@sugar sugar: I recently went there and I didn't see it but then I saw that they just changed the place of it on the shelf. :) So, you just gots to keep looking.

@thiamere: Really? Mine just needs two pumps and then it's good. :)

Aya said...

Saizen is <3

gingerSnap said...

What a cute container. I like to buy.

fashioneggpplant said...

yey! going to galleria for this! one for me and one for my sis in law. thanks!!!

ps. organic eggs dont taste much different but they do taste better and there's a big difference in the texturewhen its cooked =)

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crystal glamour said...

such a great tip! :) thanks for sharing w/ us

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i love removers taht have that kind of bottle! very easy to use and wont mess up your polish! :)

abby | ybba said...

ill definitely remember this once i start painting my nails! wait ... did i mention before that i bought nail polishes... and one i thought was black and then when i got home... i found out that it was indigo. hahaha... i was fooled. i got them from forever 21 so... i guess i can forgive them cus i love their store!

rep: 5&6 you find hard to do? yoga... well... that's true.. i tried it ONCE... i sorta liked it but i ordered a yoga kit so... i should make a good use of it.

and workout for five days?! lol.... yeah i need it... i feel hella fat now a days! hahaha!

i hope you get to do the list! ^_^

Michelle said...

@Aya: I know right? They have EVERYTHING! LOL

@gingersnaps: You should! I looove mine! :)

@fashioneggplant: I hope you find this! :)It's kind of hard to find in the store itself. Might try organic eggs though if it tastes better. :)

@crystal glamour: Thank you! :D

@Donna: I knoooowww! It's soooo convenient! I looove mine! :)

@Abby: LOL!!! I used to have a gym membership but I didn't like it much. :-/ I am gonna do the list!! But I'm gonna do it once I've done everything already. :D

Marie said...

How cool, that's a great find!;D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

I fell in love when I found it!! :D