Thursday, February 17, 2011

Accessories: Long Chain Necklace Collection

Hi hi!

So, Nadine asked me to do a blog post on my accessories so, since I'm only a slave to my readers (just kidding!... sorta) I am now doing a series of posts about my accessories.

First up are my long chain necklaces. I already made a post on my Owl Collection so, you can just look at my long chain owl necklaces there.

And some of these you might have already seen in my OOTD post.

So, here goes!

Before my owl obsession, I was into hearts so, I have a couple of heart necklaces but nothing compared to my owls.
Broadway Gems

This first one used to be a short chained necklaces but I wasn't a big fan of short chains back then so, I switched the chains out. I got this literally, about four to five years ago. As you can see, the crystals fell out but that's okay.


This was my brother's but then he gave it to me. So, I kept it. It's fitting too 'cause the boyfriend's name starts with a P as well.

The next two are my sister's that she gave to me. I am my sister's dump. I swear. Things she doesn't like anymore, she dumps on me. But I'm not complaining.
Phuket, Thailand



The clock doesn't work anymore and I can't really open the thing anymore, but I still wear it. It looks very vintage. :)


So, that's it!

Be sure to check out the following posts on my accessories collection!


Aya said...

Haha so cute, the popsicle! :D

sugar sugar said...

you have so many cute accessories dear! :)will be looking forward to see more next time. ;)

Nadine Natalin said...

nice long necklaces :)

Michelle said...

@Aya: I used to have a Crocs one but the boyfriend took that one.

@Sugar sugar: Looking forward to making those posts! :)

@Nadine Natalin: Thank you!! :D

YB* said...

The mickey mouse one is so cute!

Diana said...

I love the robot necklace!!

Michelle said...

@YB*: Well, you gotta love Mickey! :)

@Diana: Cute, no? I screamed when I saw that in the store. LOL

thegreenhairclip said...

u have nice quirky stuff from divi!!! :D

Michelle said...

Thanks! I didn't even feel like I got enough items during that trip. LOL