Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: 3 Clinique Lipsticks (Sassy Spice, Rosette, Fresh Watermelon)


In my Hand-Me-Ups Haul and in my (upcoming) Clinique Freebies Haul, I showed a couple more Clinique lipsticks I got, and Pammy asked for a review which was so cool 'cause I love ALL her reviews.

So, anyways, I thought I'd do one. :)

Color Surge Lipstick in Sassy Spice
High Impact SPF15 in Rosette
Color Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Fresh Watermelon

Color Surge Lipstick in Sassy Spice
1. Packaging: (3/5)
The packaging is typically Clinique. It has the signature color and all that but an issue I have with it, and I think it's just my lipstick, but when I return the cap on to the tube, it doesn't click. You know that click that let's you know that it's locked? Well, mine doesn't have that. But it doesn't slide off randomly so, it's okay. Aside from that, it's your typical packaging.

2. Application: (4/5)
When you swipe it on your lips, it doesn't glide. A teeny tiny bit of pressure is needed. But for the most part, it's not too much of a bother to put on. It's not sticky. You can kind of feel it on your lips but not in a bad way.

3. Pigmentation: (5/5)
The pigmentation is crazy! I love it! How you see it in the tube is really close to how it's going to look on your lips. With this particular lipstick, when you put it on, it's not exactly like the tube. It's a little more red-toned on the lips. Probably because of the natural pigmentation of the lips.

4. Scent: (4/5)
When you put your nose in the tube and inhale, it kind of smells like rubber and play dough put together. But when it's already on your lips, you really can't smell it at all.

5. Staying Power: (3/5)
The staying power is okay. But the thing with this is that if it doesn't have an insane staying power, it will show since it's a very bold color.

WOULD I RECOMMEND: Yes, but only if you're a fan of bronze lipsticks.

Color: In the tube it is an intense copper color with bronze and gold shimmer. On the lips, it is basically the same but with a red undertone.

High Impact SPF15 in Rosette
1. Packaging: (4/5)
Again, typical Clinique packaging. But the thing is, the bottom part of the lipstick is loose. It's probably only with my particular tube but aside from that, it's awesome. :)

2. Application: (5/5)
It's a tad bit more smoother compared to Sassy Spice. I like the feel of application it's very easy to put on and it doesn't feel heavy.

3. Pigmentation: (3/5)
The pigmentation is okay. It's not amazing but it's decent. I put on one coat and it looked okay but when I took a picture with flash, I could still see my lips through the color so I had to put on a second coat.

4. Scent: (5/5)
I had my nose, literally, millimeters away from the product itself ('cause I thought that I caught a whiff of something) but I could not point anything out. So, I think it's safe to say that this is as close to unscented as my lipsticks could get. I gave it a perfect five 'cause it's better to have boring and unscented rather than scented and putrid.

5. Staying Power: (N/A)
I can't really comment on this 'cause I have only had this for a day but I read on reviews that without feeling to heavy, it delivers the staying power. Or something like that. I've worn this for a couple hours and it's the type of lipstick that sinks into your lips. So, that might help with the staying power.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?: Not really. This is very very dupe-able.

Color: It's a toned down nude-ish red with a pink tinge. It has gold glitter and is orange-based.

Color Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Fresh Watermelon
1. Packaging: (3/5)
As you can see in the very first photo, it has a different packaging. I like the regular packaging better because there's something about this one that makes it a lot messier to use. Or maybe it's the product. But anyways, I like the regular packaging better.

2. Application: (5/5)
This, for me, is the smoothest of the bunch. It feels very much like a heavy lip gloss. It's just smooth. That's basically it.

3. Pigmentation: (5/5)
The pigmentation is awesome. One swipe is all it takes for the color to transfer to your lips. It very easy to work with.

4. Scent: (0/5)
It smells disgusting! I'm pretty forgiving with scents but this one is bad. It smells like a Barbie dolls hair times 1,000. You can smell it in the tube, once you apply it and while it's on your lips.

5. Staying Power: (3/5)
It's decent. Nothing special.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?: Yes, for the color. No, for the scent. I don't think it's a very dupe-able color, but if you do find a dupe, then don't bother with this one.

Color: Purple-based pink with silver shimmers

Additional Info:
Price: approximately Php650
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

Sassy Spice: Yes (if you like bronze lips)
Rosette: Nope (dupe-able)
Fresh Watermelon (yes, if you can stand the stinky-ness)


thegreenhairclip said...

i like 2nd and 3rd. :D

Michelle said...

The first one scared me. LOL

Hollie said...

I love the Rosette shade. However, I totally agree with you that it's dupable. Since I'm a big Cheapo, I'll find something with a similar color. I think I can come up with a similar color by overlaying my lipsticks and lipgloss.

Michelle said...

It's a generic nude red so, probable every brand has a color like this! But nonetheless it's a very pretty color! :)

Lok-Yin Lau said...

hahahxd I like the second one(:


I'm so loving the fresh watermelon and i like how you crop the picture side by side to compare the before and after. Great review Michelle:-)

Michelle said...

@Lok-Yin Lau: I looove that one too!:)

@MINAKICHU: I would love fresh watermelon too if it weren't for the smell. :-/ Thanks though! :D

voodoo girl said...

rosette & fresh watermelon are such pretty colors!!!

Michelle said...

They're there on the top along with my other favorites! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind but I've linked this blogpost in one of my YT videos as you've done such a great and thorough job at reviewing the lipstick! Here is the video:

If you do mind then just let me know and I'll take it off :-) Thanks! x

Michelle said...

Thank you so much! I don't mind at all! :D I'm actually flattered! :D

Anonymous said...

You have a great talent of writing.Best of luck and get going.And yes i have digg your site .

Michelle said...

Thank you sooo much! :)