Saturday, January 29, 2011

Green-minded: 5 Ways to be Greener


To accompany this post, I will show you my "Green" inspired outfit!
So, here are my 5 ways:
  1. The Bigger the Better - Buy bigger bottles of products like shampoo, hand soap, hand sanitizer and the like. Bigger bottles means it will take more time for you to finish it up. This means that you only need to buy one big bottle as opposed to a lot of little bottles which means that less plastic (or whatever material is used for the packaging) is used.
  2. Buy Vintage - Buying clothes or accessories from thrift stores would mean that there is one less piece of clothing that the manufacturers need to make which means that lesser resources are used up. It's like recycling except it's with clothes.
  3. Multi-Purpose Clothing - Don't throw any of your old clothes away. If something is too small for you, save the fabric! You can turn it into a pouch or a wallet or a cellphone case. You can even get spare fabric from your old clothes and sew it into tops that have too-low of a neckline. No more hassles of having to buy a bandeau!
  4. If You Can't Squeeze It Out, Cut It Off - This one, I read from a magazine. If you can't squeeze out anymore product from the tube, cut the tube open and scrape the remaining product into a clean container. You will save money and save product! None of it goes to waste!
  5. Turn It Off - When you're in the shower, while lathering your soap or body wash on your body, turn the water off. This will give your skin the concentrated version of your soap/body wash instead of diluting it with water. What does that do? It will make the scent last a bit longer. It also reduces the amount of water that you use in your shower! Win-win!
So, I hope you guys found this somewhat helpful! Comment below if you have other tips that I missed!


- - aika - - said...

post ko soon yugn diy :D

Michelle said...

yay! you got me really curious! :)

Hazel☺ said...

i sooo agree with #4! i thought i was the only one who does that! =))

<3 hazel

thegreenhairclip said...

i am pro-eco myself! :) i like this post.

fashioneggpplant said...

love tip no 4! glad to have found a fellow green blogger like me! keep it up =)

abby | ybba said...

Hey Michelle!

Saving the mother Earth is so awesome :] I read in National Geographic that food supplies is going to deplete by 2050! Isn't that so sad?! The more part is that... By this year, our world would have about 7.1 billion people! That's a lot. Though, If you put everyone should to shoulder, we would all fit in the state of Texas. LOL! *I'll shut up now*

Anyway, your outfit looks so cute! And the backpack!!! I must have one! LOL! Where'd you get it!? It's so cute!! ^_^ I think you totally rock your clothes!

And yes! The bigger bottles the better... And always remember to recycle! Hey, does the Philippines have a recycling system?


Michelle said...

@Hazel: I told me friend I did that and she got weirded out! :))

@thegreenhairclip: Yay! I love finding more pro-eco people! :)

@fashioneggplant: Awesome! More green bloggers! :D

@abby: The statistics scare me! :( I got my backpack here in the Philippines. It was about USD14.. A little price-y for my (limited) budget. And thanks!! :D And the only signs of recycling that I see in the Philippines is the segregated trash cans but people barely follow those. :(

AVA T.♥ said...

very helpful and fashionable post :) I personally buy bigger bottles of shampoo too while my son consumes the big johnson and johnson bottles :)

Michelle said...

@Ava: And if you buy bigger bottles, you actually save money too! :)

Marie said...

Great tips!:D

#4 is common sense to me.;D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

Yeap! It's sad though that other people think it's "gross" or "weird" to do that.