Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fashion: One Piece, Four Outfits (Black Lace Top)


So, if you have been following me for a while, you all know that I have posted about makeup, organization and beauty products. So, what's left to post about?

Fashion, of course!

So, being a student with a limited amount of allowance, I never really considered it a sin to repeat a piece of clothing. I mean, you paid for it so, you might as well get good use out of it! What I consider a sin though is limiting a piece to a certain outfit.

For example, with a certain shirt, you only wear a particular pair of jeans. Euch! Me no likey! This is why, in my opinion, a lot of people complain about how they don't have any clothes to wear anymore. They limit a piece to a certain outfit and once they've worn that outfit already, they put it in the clothing Recycle Bin in their head!

So, here's an example on how versatile a certain piece can be. The piece that I chose for this post is this black lace top.
Black Lace Top, St. Francis Square, Php120

So the first outfit I put together is for a chill, relax, lazy day that you spend, for example, at a friend's house. When I have these kinds of plans set up, I immediately think t-shirt, shorts and Chucks! The black lace top added a very feminine touch and the pink cami just gave a good color contrast when worn under the black lace. The denim shorts and Chuck Taylors helped dress it down and minimal accessories were used for the perfect chill feel.
Pink Cami (bought from Thailand but could easily be replaced)
Denim Short (my old jeans that I had cut)
Owl Necklace, Forever 21, given as a gift
Black Chuck Taylors, Converse, Php2,000+ (not sure)

When I was putting together the next outfit, I was thinking that this is ought to be worn to a more dressy activity or event. Personally, I would wear this to the mall or even to a little family get-together.
Tailored Harem Pants, Fashion Market, Market! Market!, Php580 (includes belt)
Tan Moccasins, Artwork, Php890

The next outfit is something a bit more smart casual. I wore something similar to this to my business proposal in school. But I would totally still wear this to the mall. Another thing I like is that this next outfit is nighttime friendly. Just wear a pair of heels and shed the blazer.
Blazer, My Mom's Closet (but you can replace with any other cream/white blazer)
High Waist Shorts, Fashion Market, Market! Market!, Php150

The last outfit is more of a cocktail-dress-kind-of-outfit. I'm actually planning to wear this on our coming cruise trip during the Gala night. The lace just adds something extra to the classic black strapless LBD.
Black Strapless Dress, Details, Php1,000 (a little bit less)
Black Tights, Unimart, Php35
Red Mary Janes, Top Shop, Php2,400
Red Clutch, Esprit, given as a gift

So, just open your mind to mixing and matching and I swear, you will see your closet grow before your eyes!

PS So, what did you think? Fail or not? Should I keep doing these?


yourstrulypam said...

Very versitile! I'm one of those people who wear an outfit once only lol. I need to try to change it up. I like outfit #1 and #3 the most. Very cute.

Michelle said...

Yay! Thank you! #1 is actually my very favorite! :D It's very relaxed but the lace gave an oomph! :D I hope this post kinda helped! :D

gingerSnaps said...

ganda ng outfit like ko.

Michelle said...

:D Thank you!!!!

thegreenhairclip said...

i like the 2nd one.. hehe :D

Michelle said...

Thanks!! I was kinda iffy about that outfit! :))

AVA T.♥ said...

love how you styled one outfit into many :) I love the 2nd one. I also repeat my outfits :) i don't think it's a sin to repeat at all :)

Michelle said...

Yay! Thank you! I know! If you're just going to wear something once, you shouldn't have spent that much on one thing at all!:D

Nadine Natalin said...

I love everything :) nice mix & match.

Hazel☺ said...

nice styling! i like them all especially the 2nd one!

<3 hazel

mav said...

Nice harem pants i loove it!


Michelle said...

@Nadine: Thank you so much! :D

@Hazel: Yayy!! That was the one I was most unsure of!

@mav: :D I loove it too!!

My-My said...

OF COURSE do more posts like these! I need help with fashion. no joke!

Marcy said...

I have a lace top and I love it!!


- - aika - - said...

i need that lace top!

Anonymous said...

very informative! I have lace tops too and i wore them on some night outs and i felt as sexy as a kitten! lol!

Michelle said...

@My-My: I have a hard time believing that! /:)

@Marcy: I know!! It's so shmexy!

@aika: Go ahead and buy it! They have a stall in Market! Market! as well as in St. Francis Square. :)

@Reina: Good job! I love the sexy effect that lace gives. :D

- - aika - - said...

di ko alam pumunta dun hahaha

Michelle said...

HAHAHA! St. Francis Square is across from Megamall!