Friday, January 21, 2011

Awesome Find: Belt Organizer


So, first of all, I want to give a shout out to Hazel whom I met today! Go check out her blog! Though for some reason I couldn't comment on it, so, Hazel, if you're reading this, sorry I had to leave immediately! :( The boyfriend was waiting in the car! It was awesome meeting you!

Anyways, I have another awesome organizing find! Don't worry, this one's not a janky old homemade one like the Dangle Earrings Organizer that I made.

Here it is!
So, it's a belt organizer! Again, I used to have my belts hanging off of one hook then I just got tired of that 'cause you have to take all the belts off of the hook just to get the one you need. Then, I started folding them over a hanger but it kept falling over, so my mom bought this for me instead!

She found it in a Daiso store. (I've seen this pretty much everywhere like Saizen, Japan Home Center and other stores like that.) It's pretty much the best way to organize belts and I was so happy when my mom gave this to me!

Here are my belts looking all neat and happy!

The downside to this is that they can only accommodate skinny belts. So, I will only recommend this to you if you have an abundance of skinny belts!

All my thicker belts are hanging off of one hook which is not much of a bother 'cause I only have four of them. But if you guys have a better idea or organizing thick belts, let me know!

So, that's about it! Another post coming up in a moment! Me and my mom are off to Cebu on Sunday so, I'm stocking up on blog posts before then!


thegreenhairclip said...

nice find! :D

it's not recommendable to keep them curled/rolled as well.. it really is better to have them stowed this way.

Hazel said...

Whaat I think my tumblr is acting up again! Anyway, super nice meeting you!! You're the first blogger friend I've met in real life! :) was in a hurry as well kanina coz we have to get back home for my brother's bday prep :)

that's a genius thing you got there! my belts are all over the place! too lazy to organize i guess :P

<3 hazel

Michelle said...

@thegreenhairclip: I know!! Especially the leather kind ones! They get creased and ugly! :) I'm glad my mom got me this!

@Hazel: Oh! Okay! :) You're the first blogger I've ever met too! :D Too bad we couldn't document it with a picture! :( Oh well! There's always next time! :D Oh and you can totally get this at Daiso in Greenhills if you're interested! :D

My-My said...

hahaha, that was NOT a janky earring holder idea!

the belt organizer is nice. it keeps everything out on display and not forgotten in the back of a closet or something.

Marcy said...

That's awesome!! I love organization stuff!!


carinamodella said...

very nice! i need to have one in my room :)

Michelle said...

@My-My: Eh! The picture didn't captur the jankiness! And that was EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this! :D

@Marcy: Me too!! :D

@carinamodel: Everyone needs one of these!