Friday, January 21, 2011

Dupe: The Body Shop Shower Gel in Strawberry


I consider myself to be something of a strawberry addict. Anything that smells like, looks like or tastes like strawberry, I will love. So, when my friend gave me a baby bottle of The Body Shop Shower Gel in Strawberry, I freaked! Naturally, since it was only the baby bottle, I ran out even before the month was over.

Since I am eternally broke, as I have mentioned in my seven facts, the closest I have gone to owning another bottle is when I go to the Body Shop stall in V-Mall, Greenhills and simply smell the shower gel. Pathetic, I know.

Anyways, after my routinary sniffing of tester bottle at the Body Shop stall, me and the boyfriend went to Watson's. They were having a huge buy one get one free for one peso deal that they have there from time to time.

This is when I found this.
This is the Watson's Cream Body Wash in Strawberry Scented. I smelled this and I swear, I could've fainted. It smells the exact same way that the one from the Body Shop smells like. Not even kidding. I wanted to drag the boyfriend back to the Body Shop but he said he'll just take my word for it.

Anyways, this was a good Php200 cheaper and you get tons more product. So, he got it for me as a here-you-go-now-stop-sniffing-the-testers-you're-embarrassing-me present. What's more is that since Watson's was having the sale, we got two huge ass bottles for Php251. I gave the other one to my little brother, with the boyfriend's permission, of course, 'cause there is no way I would finish this all by myself.

The only difference between the two is the consistency. The one from Watson's has a cream consistency while the one from the Body Shop has a gel consistency. Kinda like comparing the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and Lotion with each other.

So, if you love the Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel, I suggest you go on over to Watson's and get yourself a huge bottle of this.

But, I must add, I haven't been seeing a lot of this in my Watson's. Maybe it's just in mine or maybe it's discontinued.

But if you do see it, buy it!

7 comments: said...

Haha that's awesome that you found a great dupe for a great deal :)

thomessa said...

I'm also a strawberry addict! It just smells so amazing!!!

Kym said...

i love strawberry as well as mango scents! just goes to show if you look around a bit, you'll be able to find equal alternatives to expensive items!

Donna said...

hello! new follower here

awesome dupe & awesome deal, can't get any better than that n_n


hellomissa said...

Aww, Michelle! Thank you so much for "The Versatile Blogger" Award! You are so sweet! <3 ^_^ I have to mention my thanks to you when I get to post my new blog! I haven't yet though because I have been terribly busy! Boo-hoo. That's so cool that you live in the Philippines! I'm going to take a vacation there this year, I'm excited. ^_^ Take care pretty one!

Hazel said...

Ohh this i have to get soon! And it's cheap ha for its size! :)

<3 hazel

Michelle said...

@Kelly: Yup! What's more, I got it for free considering the boyfriend bought it for me. :)

@thomessa: Yay! The strawberry scent is a hit or miss for most people. My sister hates the smell of it!

@Kym: I know! That's why I made it a habit to check around first before making a big purchase!

@Donna: I know right? I feel like I cheated the Body Shop!

@hellomissa: Sure! I'm looking forward to that post! :) And have fun on your vacation here! :D

@Hazel: I know right? And i double checked a while ago at the Watson's in Market! Market! and they marked it down to Php200!