Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tag: Hair + Skin + Shower Routine

Hair Routine:
1. Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky - I use this every time I wash my hair in the morning.
2. Johnson's Baby Shampoo (Original) - I use this every time I wash my hair at night 'cause my friend told me that if you have fine hair, you have to use baby shampoo so it wouldn't be too harsh on your hair. Maybe I'll do a post on that.
3. Ilog Maria Shampoo - I use this once a week, usually on Mondays every time I deep condition. A review on this is coming up.
4. Cream Silk Precision Repair Treatment - I use this once a week every Monday. Review on this will be up soon too.

Shower Routine:
1. Watson's Cream Body Wash (Strawberry Scented) - I use this everyday with a loofa. This is an awesome dupe for the Body Shop Shower Gel in Strawberry. Read about that here.
2. Novotel Body Gel - I use this for travel but I use it whenever I feel like it.

Skin Routine:
1. Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon and Vitamin B3 - I use this in the shower.
2. Pond's Cold Cream the Cool Classic - I use this to take off my makeup.
3. Pond's Perfect Care Facial Wash - I use this after taking off my makeup.
4. Garnier Pure Pore Unblock Foam - My exfoliator that I use two to three times a week.
5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - I use this for my moisturizer.
6. Clinique All About Eyes - I use this as my eye cream.
7. Human Nature Body Butter (Strawberry) - I use this for my upper body.
8. Human Nature Day Face Moisturizer - I use this for my legs and feet. (It's too heavy to be a facial moisturizer)

Yup! That's it! :D


Locke said...

thanks for the tag and award sweetie =)

Hazel said...

Ohh I'll wait for the review of those products! i see similar products we use! :)

Why you have 6 months of school-less freedom?? That's so awesome!!!

THANKS FOR THE AWARD! already posted it in my new entry :)

<3 hazel

Michelle said...

@Locke&Hazel: No problem! You guys deserve it!
@Hazel: Sure sure! And I finished my minor classes early so I have to wait 'til July for my major classes! :-/

gingerSnaps said...

Thank you:)

Michelle said...

No Problem! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

thanks for the award,sis!

i also use johnson's baby shampoo. in my case, it's the conditioning shampoo. it's my favorite shampoo!i was about to do a post about it actually.

gingerSnaps said...

I've posted already:)

Nadine Natalin said...

thanks for the award my dear :) will do this post when I'm not busy and btw congrats

Katrina said...

I gave you the same award! :)

kat :3

Michelle said...

@thiamere: Oh, I'm looking forward to reading that post then. :)
@gingersnaps: Yay! I saw! Thank you! :D
@Nadine: Thanks! :) Looking forward to the post!
@Katrina: Wow, really? :D Thank you!! :D

Morgan I. said...

Lol oh I know! Tomatoes are ONLY good on pizza! I don't even like ketchup! haha. I love your blog!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! SISTER! :)) My boyfriend looks at me crazy when I push bits of tomatoes aside when I spot it in my meal.

thegreenhairclip said...

Thank you so much for the award! :D It's my first so I'm jumping with joy! :D

I love Watsons because I find a lot of new products that aren't much commercially distributed. There is no Watsons near my area, though. :(

I'm curious about the Ponds Cold Cream. What good has it done to your skin, so far? And how long have u been using it?

Toni Tralala said...

I bet you speak English in school too! :P I like tomatoes as well but there are times when it just makes the meal taste a tad iffy like in paninis. If it's from Le Coeur de France then I'll eat it because they make it well. hihi.

I miss the Philippines! :(

I tried the Cream Silk hair treatment once since I saw that my sister had a tub of it. That worked so well on my hair! She noticed that I took a huge chunk of it though and began hiding it. LMAO!

I like cartoons too! I miss the ones from the 90s though. :(

Thank you so so so much for the award! I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks for thinking of me. <3

Hollie said...

OMG! Thanks a million for giving me this award... it's my first blog award ever!

I'll be waiting on your review for the Human Nature products... I've always wondered what they're like.

thanks again, really appreciate it!

Michelle said...

Yay! I so know the feeling! I just got my first award too! I was so happy about it! :D

I LOVE Watson's too! The variety there is awesome. And that's too bad that you don't have one in your area. :( The Watson's website would have been a good idea if they only had an accurate account of what they have in the stores!

The Pond's Cold Cream is what I use to take off my makeup. It's worked pretty well. I'll do a review on that soon! :)

@Toni Tralala:
Yeah we do, but we only speak English in class. Not so much out of it. And I remember one time, they served Cherry Tomatoes, I thought they were going to somehow taste differently but I was wrong. From then on, I was on a strict no-tomato diet.

And come and visit the Philippines! :D The weather's been good to us these days. Not scorching!

Ohmygosh! You are soo like my sister! She saw that I had two tubs of the Cream Silk product and she asked me if she could have one! I tried hiding it but I guess I failed!

90's = nostalgia! Enough said!

I read your blog and thought that you deserved it! :D I'm glad I gave it to so much first time awardees! :D

YAY! Me too! It's my first one as well!

I will post the review as soon as possible! :D

Thank you sooo much for commenting and reading as well! :D


Sasmita said...

Congrats Michelle! Nice blog!
It's my 1st Award too! have fun :)

Michelle said...

Yay! Thank you! and congratulations to you too! :D