Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is what I get for not prioritizing my outfit pictures. Seriously.

I initially put on some distressed shorts but then, I found out that we had a meeting at an architects office so I switched quickly into jeans.

I hope my edited version of reality helped make it easier for you guys to imagine it.

Anywhoo, after work, I went to the launching of the Vincente Manansala collection for Freeway. Here's le tenue.

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Let's talk about what went on.

There were live drawing things being done in the lower floor and it was all cool and the artwork were all awesome too.

They then showed a short video about Vicente Manansala so, we got to know the man behind the canvas.

Tim Yap and Divine Lee were hosts and they both looked awesome.

Then, there was a fashion show and here are some of the few good shots I got.

So, there you go. Ann (i-beautyaddict) has some of my other pictures so, I'll show you that when I get a hold of it.

So, yeah!

It's now 12am and I have to be up again in 6 hours.

Awesome! :|

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Oh and this is my FAVORITE piece out of everything!!! It's for Php1,595 though... So I'll have to think about that.


kayeen. said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. :) I love your wall clock! Where'd you get it? It's sooo cool. :D

cafémobility said...

yeah, the pentel pen-styled denim looks really good. :)