Monday, August 1, 2011


Hi guys!!

So, the winner of the fashion set is...


So anyways, to further make up for my lack of posts, I'm throwing another giveaway your way!

As some of you may already know, my online store, MeTime Manila will be taking part in the Glam Camp Bazaar. They contacted me once again and told me that I can give 2 of my readers exclusive invites! Here's what's at stake.

Isn't it cute?

Anywhoo... All you have to do is comment below anything you want as much as you want. I will end this on Thursday.

Oh and be sure that you're going to be at the bazaar because that's the only way you can claim your prize!

If you want the info on the bazaar, just click on the poster above.

So, yeah!

Hope you like!


Kai Sensei said...

LOVE the bags! I want one! And yes, I will go na to the Glam Camp and of course visit your stall there! Whose going also?

preciouspearl said...

Such a cute bag...
I want one :)

Marie said...

Happy August, Michelle!:D

***** Marie *****

WonderWoman said...

I am making my way from the South to the North just to be at the bazaar, so I hope I win that bag! Hehehe.

Michelle said...

@Kai: YAY!!! I'll see you there!! I don't know who else is going eh. I'll send a text blast to all the peoples para naman may business yung booth namin! LOL

@preciouspearl: Good luck then! :D:D Hope you'll be my random winner! :-D

@Marie: You're so sweet! Thank you so much! :D

@WonderWoman: Good luck, then!! See you at the bazaar!! :D

Sweet kawaii Boutique said...

oh please ~ I want one of this cutie bag~


giay said...

<3luv it<3and I want it :) thanks!