Saturday, June 4, 2011

Suitcase Stories: San Francisco (The Exploratorium)


I'm such a sucky blog owner.

We went to this science museum called the Exploratorium and me and my little brother were charging off from one exhibit to another that I forgot to take pictures!

I know right??

The reason we were rushing was cause we were only given two hours to walk around.

That's a big family for you.

Me, my older brother and my little brother were super into science-y kind of things but my two little sisters and my other little brother were not so much into these kind of things so, to compromise, my mom says that we could only stay there for two hours.

There was soooo much to see that we didn't want to miss anything!

So, I apologize.

And here are the photos that I did manage to take.

Here's my little brother on the giant dining chair.
It's exactly 100 times bigger than an actual dining chair...
...or something like that.

Here we are in the little tiny room!
It's actually smaller than you think!
It's the design on the floor that makes you think it's bigger.

Here's a cute little thing where you hold up those board things and only show your eyes and you have to figure out your partner's emotion only through his eyes.
We failed, epic-ly!

The whole place is actually just a warehouse.
They put more thought into the exhibits rather than on the decor of the place.

Of course there's a dining area.

This was the photo of how packed the place was.
We had to wait our turn for some of the exhibits.

This is the umbrella exhibit.
The only thing I remembered about this exhibit was that there was a wheel and you turn it.
The umbrella would spin and there was a hole in the umbrella.
I have no idea what they're trying to prove. :))

Lastly, here's a kid on the wind gun booth.
The gun thing would blow wind and things like beach balls would look like they're floating.

So, there! I went to the very same place ten years ago and I still remember how fun it was back then.


Hope you like!


Jeanie said...

omg you and your little brother are adorable! i haven't gone to the academy of science since it remodeled! looks like loads of fun! love your blog :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Jeanie! We absolutely love places like this!! :D

Aya said...

Cool nung small room! Hihihi :D Magmumukha akong matangkad <3

Michelle said...

Cute noh?? =))

Feeling ko giant ako nun! First time mauntog ulo ko sa ceiling! =))

abby | ybba said...

This is so awesome! I wish to go to a museum like that someday. Two hours is way too short though. No wonder you didn't get that much pictures {; But they're lovely either way!

Visit my shop @ {:

Michelle said...

I knooow! I wish we could have spent the whole day there! That would be much more fun! =)

Hazel said...

parang mala-alice in wonderland yung small room haha :P

Michelle said...

Yun ata talaga point nila! =))

Michelle said...

Yun ata talaga point nila! =))