Sunday, June 5, 2011

Legit Blog: Blogger's United - An Interactive Bazaar

Hey lovely people!!

I can't believe I almost forgot to post this post!

I'm sure everybody knows what the Blogger's United is about so, I'll shut up.

My system got rattled when I saw all the bloggers that I religiously read that my camera kind of got forgotten on my shoulder. So, not much pictures.

I was seriously just standing there, in the middle of everything, staring at everyone, trying to work up the courage to ask for a photo buuut no bueno.

Anywhoo... here goes!
The photo of everybody with Camille Co.
Trina [YouTube] [Blog]
Andee [YouTube] [Blog]
Sab [YouTube] [Blog]

Sooo many cheap deals on clothes and shoes.
Again, I didn't get to buy much.
I was busy staring at the faces of the people who were selling the clothes.
I didn't get a photo with her.

Here are the people I saw in the event.

I saw my shobe from ICA.
(Little Sister)
We're not related. It's just a term.

Charles from WickerMoss!
I FINALLY got to meet her!
She was manning the registration!

Denise from DeniseKatipunera!
I was hoping cutie little Yllac was there but no bueno.
Ohwell, melting moment here.

Stacy from ThePlumpPinay!
Needless to say, another melting moment.

Laureen Uy from BreakMyStyle!
At this point, I just died.

Can someone bury me cause I just died here.
She actually went to the same exact schools as me.
And I want her hair.
Shutting up.

Anywhoo, my heart was on overdrive the whole time! I just wish I took more pictures. But anywhoo... I'm going to end with a wonderful photo of the wonderful girls who made the whole event worthwhile!
Hope you like!


Anonymous said...

It seems that you enjoyed a lot. Too bad I wasn't able to come to that event since I have to attend another school event also. Anyhow, I must congratulate you that you were able to take pictures with those bloggers! :)heheheheh

ModeKarussell said...

Hola Chica,
Just came across your blog and I’d like to invite you to take part at my Giveaway (A Lomography Panorama Camera, the Sprocket Rocket).

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Hazel said...

bwahahah! FAN MODE ON! gah i missed this :( i'm so jealous you get photos with them! and wait, pati ba si charles new blog address?

Michelle said...

@Krizzia: It took a lot of courage from me to be able to do that! LOL Thanks Krizzia! :)

@ModeKarusel: Will check it out! :)

@Hazel: Hihihi! Swear, namatay ako. =)) Oo, nagchange narin sya ng URL.

Ria Stein said...

beautiful pictures! Love your header! =)

Reg Rodriguez said...

fun event! nice meeting you!!! :) let's chat next time! haha :)

Ashley said...

You all look lovely, and it sounds like you had fun! xx

wickeRmoss said...

mommy Mitch!! imishue:P

Donna ♥ Baby said...

aww thats cool it sounds like a fun event! wish i had that where i lived!

iryn said...

Oh you went there pala. Oh shoot, sayang. haha Hopefully, next time. :)

Michelle said...

@Ria: Aww! You're sweet! Thanks dear! :D

@Reg:Yeah we should!! :D

@Ashley: Thank you so much! Yeah we did! :D:D

@Charles: Mishuetoo! LOL

@Donna: It's never too late to start one. :)

@iryn: :O!! We could have met??? Rar!!