Thursday, June 23, 2011

OOTD + Clinique Event (6/18/11)

A couple weeks ago, I saw Charles from WickerMoss put up this blog post asking people to sign up for a Clinique party. Of course I volunteered myself! LOL

I got an e-mail a few days later that we should wear white so, this was what I wore.

Dress, Redhead; Sweater, Surplus Store; Necklace, MeTime Manila; Bangle, Eastwood; Shoes, gift

So here is the event itself.
All the girls at the Clinique counter.

Wouldn't it be cool to show up at a makeup gig and have these as your platte?

The overly advertised Clinique product with the spotted egg!

The different variants of the three step skincare system, I think.

Does soap have to match your skin tone?

Little snacks were provided by Bizu!

B getting her face did by Baby.

Apple getting her face did by Dindin.

My Turn!!
Baby and me

My consultation! I'm combination oily (which was what I self-diagnosed myself as) and I have skin type numero tres.

Doing my makeup

Everyone else getting their makeup done.

They work so cleanly!!

Charles and B

Me, Eunice and Ann

Charles, Trina and Me

Me and B

Tita (Trina's Mom), Charles, Apple, Me and Trina

B, Kai, Me and Jen

Apple, Me, B and Trina

Charles, Apple, Me, B and Trina

Do you remember those days in elementary school where we would take pictures of our shoes? Nostalgic! :-))

Thank you for going with me! :D

The highlight of the event for Paulo! LOL

Charles and Papa E


So, here's the eye look Baby did on me.
My mom really really REALLY liked how it looked on me!

Now the links to these amazing people!

Charles [YouTube] [Blog]
Trina [YouTube] [Blog]
Ann [Blog]
Eunice [Blog]
Jen [Blog]
Kai [Blog]
Apple [YouTube] [Blog]
Lorena [Blog] **We didn't have a picture together but you have TONS of pictures of me in your camera! LOLOL!!**

Hope you like!

What was the VERY first skincare system you've ever used?


DeBi said...

looks like super fun day!

I love the banglees... :) so cute!

Divina Joy said...

Wow, nice event. Neat! Love the eyes! And I like the idea of soap matching the skin tone. lol.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much DeBi!!

@Divina Joy: I don't even know if that it what that's for!! LOL

I am LEEtwentysix said...

cool blog.
followed you. :)

AyLin said...

Cool and FUN event! Everybody has a smile on their face. =)

btw, your new hair is so gorgeous!

Odessa Matias said...

nice outfit and necklace michelle..

Michelle said...

@Lee: Thank you soo much!

@Aylin: I know! Such an awesome experience! :-) Thanks Aylin! I was unsure of my hair at first!

@Odessa: Thank you sooo much! :D

Reflect and Fancy said...

Hi! I adore the hats you're wearing in your profile pic and header!!

Michelle said...

Thanks! Those were from the person who designed the clothes I was modelling! :-)

Aya said...

I wanna eat those soap bars. They look like suman. Bwahaha

thegreenhairclip said...

you should have joined the Redhead search. pls pls do! it's not over yet! come on! i support you! :) hehe

how tall are you ba? they require at least 5'2" i believe and between 15-25, i think. go join! :)

Michelle said...

AYA!!! ANG RANDOM MO!!! =)))))

@irene: I would have joined but:
1. I'm shy
2. I don't have 500pesos to spare!

Kai Sensei said...

So glad to have met you Mich! Really didn't recognize you in the beginning.. with your new hair and all. :) We must all meet up again soon.. had loads of fun with you!

Michelle said...

I didn't think anyone would recognize me at all even with my long hair!! LOL

Yes yes we must meet again!!! :D

fashioneggpplant said...

i have to say, im really liking the short hair on you :)

nisa said...

looks like you having a good time, love your make-up!! follow your blog dear ;)

carinamodella said...

you're entire look is clean. it was perfect for the event.

Robots in Trouble said...

That looks super fun !

Errr... I'm not really digging the eyelashes. I think it's cus there wasn't a generous application of mascara? I'm really meticulous about the eye area of make up. But if your momma likes it, then PERFECT!

Oh i think you're all about going green for the environment right? Props to you! Thanks for the comment.

-robots in trouble

Michelle said...

@Sarah: Thanks! :-) I'm planning on going shorter. :-D

@nisa: Thank you dear! I'll check your blog out too! :-D

@carina: Thank you so much! Yup! The white and green of Clinique definitely screams clean. :-D

@Abby: Yep! I definitely enjoy piling of mascara as well. But it's only once in a while that my mom's happy about the stuff I put on my face! LOL

Anonymous said...

Those look like yummy treats! haha I really want to try some of the eyeshadows from clinique, are they good? maybe in the future you can do a review on them :)

Michelle said...

I only have one Clinique shadow but I will try to make a review on it! Thank you Elizabeth! :D

Tiffiefum said...

Omg looks soo fun! Too bad I didn't get to go.:(

By the way, the makeup Baby did for you suits you good! looks natural.<3

Michelle said...

Thanks tiff!!! :D Too bad you weren't there. :(

fiona said...

the event looks super fun! BTW, i like ur outfit and necklace! ur entire look is perfect for the event.

Gellie Abogado said...

i envy your lashes ): just followed you. will anticipate for your next posts! :D

much love,

Apple said...

I love the photos,bringing back that day,was so fun..I wish we didnt left early for more bonding moments..oh well,there's always next time ;) Yay,cant wait to meet up again!

lori said...

you looked younger with your new hair. :) i almost didn't recognize you sa header pic mo. haha.

got tons of pictures of the attendees haha. will post it as soon as mag-meet na kami uli ni Charles. may mga papakita pa ko sa kanyang pic. haha

Michelle said...

Thank you soo much Fiona! :D

lori said...

the soap matches your skin type. I think it's the soap version of the liquid soap in the 3-Step skincare system. :)

Michelle said...

@Gellie: Thank you sooo much! And my lashes are long nga but thin naman! =)))

@Apple: I left early rin eh. I hope I see you guys again though!!!

@lori: Hihi! I didn't know that anyone would recognize haircut or not! LOL Excited na ko for you to post!!! Alam kong marami akong pictures sayo!!

And THAT's what that's for!!! I didn't know. Thanks Lori!

Pauline Reyes said...

Hi Mitch,
Are they going to conduct the event again this year? I’ll be more than willing to volunteer myself! LOL!
By the way, nice pics! Seems like you enjoyed the event a lot.
~Pauline @Kallony