Monday, June 20, 2011

Haul: Skin Care Items

Back when I was still in the US, I got a notification letting me know that I won Kumiko's HBC sponsored contest!

I was soo excited and I contacted her.

Kumi, if you're reading, I'm sorry for being so unreachable and so difficult.

At that time, it took me a couple of days to understand that I had to pick the products up myself from the nearest HBC branch!

Anywhoo.. I finally picked it up last Tuesday and I was so excited that during the drive home, I made Des open the package up and tell me what's inside.

This was what I got.

A flier!
It says that from May 8 - June 30, if you buy 3 HBC Beauty Favorites, you get a bag for free! Yay!

Here are the actual prizes!
Facial Soap Bar

Lightening Facial Cream

Pimple Control Facial Cream

Pimple Control Facial Toner

Age Reducer Facial Wash

Illuminous Skin Whitening Serum

So, I got all those which made me regret the thing that I got last Sunday at the Rustan's Supermarket in Rockwell.

Oh well..

Then, last Saturday, I went to an event at the Clinique counter which I will blog about soon. But here are the contents of the goody bag!

Clarifying Lotion, Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss, All About Eyes

Liquid Facial Soap (Oily Skin Formula), Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Then Des gave me this hand sanitizer but I offered to pay for it still!
Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Hand Gel Sanitizer

So, yeah! That's everything!

Oh and I have been posting OOTD after OOTD because I was having issues with my blog.

I was having trouble where my blog falls under. I'm not SUPER into makeup so, I didn't want to be a just makeup blogger and I'm not super daring when it comes to fashion so, I don't consider myself a fashion blogger.

So, I was kind of figuring it out and I was about to leave makeup blogging behind to focus on fashion but then, Eloisa tweeted me and told me she missed my reviews.

I was going to tell her that I don't do those anymore BUT I realized that Beauty isn't always about cosmetics, beauty also is about fashion and whatever.

So, I kind of realized that I don't have to classify my blog in one or the other.

I'm both!

So, yeah! Just a quick update!

Oh and I want to make this as interactive as possible so I'm going to start putting questions at the end of each post that you can answer in the comments!

Hope you like!

Is a Facial Cream the same as a moisturizer? Which moisturizer do you use/recommend?


Eunice said...

Hi Mitch! Our goodie bag contains the same products. I think it varies for everyone. =) Btw, I'm having the same confusion as well. It's just that I I'm not a make-up aficionado much and I consider my fashion choices safe. So I'm wondering if it's really necessary to focus on just one facet alone. :|

Michelle said...

Well, either way you go, you can always learn to be better. Whether in makeup or fashion. I'm staying with both and I'll continue to learn about the two parts of me that I'll ALWAYS love! :-)

You should just do what you love. :D

Apple said...

Awww,this haul is great!

:( inggit ako,my liquid soap at moisturizer ka, :( but I got great products so its OK..YAY for us, and thanks to Charles!

Michelle said...

I want the mascara nga eh!!! Hahahaha baliktad talaga! =)))

And yeah, Thanks talaga to Charles!! :D

Apple said...

Sana nagswap pala tayo nung event,was too shy to ask what u guys got,parang bata lang,hahaha..nagtinginan ng loot bags, :)))
But all in all I had a great time and love that day!Plus a super duper bonus I got to meet you all..

Michelle said...

Hihi! Dapat nga nagtinginan tayo ng lootbags!!! =)))))

Pero saya nga ng day na yun!! Dahil dun nagkachannel nako sa YouTube! =))

Apple said...

I know,right! :) You GO Mitch! woot woot! ;)

Michelle said...

Thanks APple!!!! :D

Aya said...

Yey congrats! :D So many skin care stuff to try! Tagatagal na ang ritwales mo sa gabi. Hahaha :D I'm missing your reviews too! :D

Michelle said...

I'm going to do one soon!! :D:D

Nakakainis! "Ritwales". =))) Mga salita ni Aya!!

=))) said...

Ohh, last December I won a contest from Ms. Kumiko Mae. Got really nice items too.

Yea, i really missed your reviews. I'm looking forward for your fashion posts and can I add more request, skincare reviews. haha! You skin looks really gorgeous and glowing! What's your secret? Seriously, I've been really looking for good skincare products.

I went 3x to etude house to purchase the one you suggested (milk tea) and it's always OS. I will be going back tomorrow. Sana meron n!

Happy to know you're back! Keep posting and have fun!

misshollyrose said...

Isnt winning contest fun! =O I hope all the products work great! I dont think facial cream is the same as moisturizer, bc facial cream is always thicker than moisturizer in my opinion, but I could be wrong! I use Olay Complete Moisturizer SPF15

Sloperation said...

Wooohooo nice haul & goody bag! That Clinique moisturizing gel made me break out though :C but then again my skin is unique and has a mind of its own :))

DeBi said...

congrats to the goodies!!!!

Michelle said...

@Eloisa: Okay! I'll do my whole skincare line soon! :-) Thank you soo much!! :D I hope you get the product too! I looooooove how it smells and everything!!

@MissHollyRose: Oohhh... So, that wouldn't be good for my oily skin, would it? Hm. Maybe I can use it at night. And thank you so much!!! :D:D:D

@Slo: My sister too! My mom said there are just some skin types that doesn't work with Clinique products.

@DeBi: Thank you so much dear! :D

shopgirl jen said...

hi mitch! it was nice meeting you at the Clinique event!

don't worry i have the same dilemma too. fashion or beauty. but then again, since i want to broaden my horizon (naks!) both na lang, haha! kasama din ang review or recommendation sa food & place para the more the merrier! :)

Michelle said...

Jen! It was so so so soo nice meeting you too!

Wala lang, people are so categorized kasi here eh so, I thought na kailangan merong isa!

But tama nga, I can be both if I wanted to! :D

Thanks Jen! :D

Riya~ said...

Great products that you received! I love hand gel sanitizer, they come in handy!

Michelle said...

Thanks Riya! And I love hand sanitizers too! Especially ones that smell good! :D

Kumiko Mae said...

Hi Mcihelle, haha super late na ba ng sagot ko LOL I know it was such a challenge to get intouch with you. artista much? haha :D but glad we got through :)


Anonymous said...

Very similar.