Friday, June 10, 2011

Legit Blog: Love Child for MeTime Manila

Hellooo guyss!!!

I love it when my real life friends open their blogs. It kind of bridges two separate parts in my life into one big fun party!!

Anyways, please help me welcome my business partner, soon-to-be ex-neighbor and 16-year-long-friend Des to the blogging world!

Visit and follow her blog the Homeless Coconut and hopefully she'll stick around in the blogging world.

Hi Des! You're in my blog!

Speaking of Des, you guys know we had this business thing going on and we kind of felt that what we were selling on there is not really something that we ourselves would buy. It's more of just things that we just want to sell for the heck of it.

That kind of took away the fun that we had when we were just starting this online thing out.

This feeling of discontent kind of led to the Clearance Sale we're having just to clear everything up and start anew.

This also led to the opening of Love Child. Here are some of the items we have there.







So here are our little babies that we sweated over.

(Not literally, they're perfectly clean and hygienically made.)

Anywhoo, these items are more reflective of our personal style and it made MeTime more fun again.

So, if you like any of these items, then hop on over to MeTime Manila. Oh, and don't forget to check out the Clearance Sale happening over there.

Freebies until supplies last.

And don't forget to give the Homeless Coconut a visit for some random shit and kick ass photos.

Hope you like!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! It's going to be my first time commenting on someone's page! AHIHI SAYO PA! =)) Ang laking special mention nito. kilig. :D SALAMAT KAMOTE

Michelle said...

Hihihi! When did I become kamote? =))

kirstyb said...

lovely bracelets x

Michelle said...

Thank you Kirsty!! :D

Anonymous said...

people i love are kamotes. so like it or not, ur one.:))

Michelle said...

Nakakatouch yun in a weird way! :-))

- - aika - - said...

hello dear :D yup pumps with belts hehehe :D

Michelle said...

Ang smart!!! :-)