Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Mocha Maniac


Let's just get on with it! LOL

5: Beyond Explanation
4: Awesome
3: Decent
2: Dislike
1: Hate
0: Abhor

1. Packaging: (0/5)
Hate the packaging. It's so unsanitary. I just don't like dipping my fingers into lip products. So, yeah, I'm sorry elf. :)

2. Consistency: (4/5)
You can definitely feel that you have product on your lips but it's nothing too much. It isn't sticky at all though so, that's a plus!

3. Scent: (5/5)
It smells like coffee. I remember when I brought the lip gloss to class, me and my friends would apply this and keep making duck faces so that we could smell the product on our lips! I am in love with the smell.

4. Pigmentation & Shine: (4/5)
It is definitely a clear gloss kind. It doesn't give any hint or tinge of brown whatsoever. It doesn't give too much shine.

5. Staying Power: (4/5)
Since it's slightly sticky, I can definitely see this lasting just a tad bit longer on the lips.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?: Yes only if you like lipglosses that have obvious smells and only if you don't mind the packaging. This is definitely a not-bad lip gloss.

Price: Php129.75
Availability: Watson's


fashioneggpplant said...

i actually find the packaging cute and it really looks good in the photo. how's the vacay so far? hope you're having fun :)

Pammy said...

The packaging looks so much like the NYC lip sliders' packaging. I don't like the packaging either. I've tried the Cherry Bomb one and didn't like it. :(

AVA T.♥ said...

cute packaging :) the only prob is having to dip your finger :( great review!

Sloperation said...

I used not like these but after like a month I changed my mind coz they smelled so good and I got a new flavor hahaha :)) I always just use a lip brush with it to keep it more sanitary.

sugar sugar said...

the packaging does look like pammy's NYC lip balms LOL! :) i want to try these din! < inggetera hahaha!

ManileƱa Mom said...

I walked past by an elf counter at the megamall last month and i was thinking of buying it only i don't see any significance lol i bought the twisty pencil one instead, its like the same... :)

Marie said...

This is not bad, thanks for the review and pictures!:D

***** Marie *****