Sunday, May 1, 2011

Legit Blog: Sharing Photos


I just had these random photos sitting on my desktop and in my phone and I just wanted to share it with people. But frankly, I don't think my FaceBook friends would care too much about the photos so, why not post in my blog?
I wake up in the middle of the night, look out the window and the first thing I think to myself is, "I gotta take a picture of the sky!"
I'm glad I did.
This is the view from my bedroom window.

I was feeling blue.
Tsk tsk. Traitor!
I was gonna take product shots with the DSLR but it went crazy on me so, I just went with it.

The newest addition to the family!
I featured him in my Vlog a couple weeks back.
She's Bug, the rabbit.
I'm gonna make a post about our pets soon.

This is what I really do at the office.

My little brother.
This was in Sunrise Buckets.
My boyfriend treated him and me to merienda there for his birthday.

My little brother again.

I was in the office, I look up and I see this.

Onion Rings for brunch!
Guess where?
Of course, at the office!

This is an old picture!
I was on my way to school and I got lost along the way.
I pulled over at KFC had my double down then, miraculously found my way.
Eating Double Down while driving...
...that can't be safe.

The best kebab joint ever.
And guess what.
It's open 24 hours.
I think it's Persian heaven!

This is me.
Saying goodbye.
With a weird face.
And hot chocolate.

Hope you like!


Anonymous said...

The pic with the midnight blue sky looks really pretty! :)

hellomissa said...

you take pictures with the cutest faces. i swear, i'd never make a face and look cute as you. haha. some of your photos made me really hungry! gr you! haha kidding. enjoyed your post. take care!

- missa

hellomissa said...

by the way, the sky looks amazing. i wish i could wake up to that every morning.

Tiffiefum said...

Love the randomness on your pics mich!:)) Noice Skyyyyy! I miss you!<3

Nadine Natalin said...

I always adore your funny face shots :)

Sloperation said...

ang cute ng pictures :) I just remembered Janna when I saw Bug. I miss your hot dog!

Aya said...

Haha! Your bro is so cute ^^,

Hazel said...

amazing night sky shot!!! and my siblings always eat at that kebab resto, but i never tried it myself! will tag along with them next time :))

sugar sugar said...

you and your little bro are so cute! :) haha!

Witoxicity said...

Bug is sooooooo cuddly cute!

The Beauty-Addict said...

im back!! :D love the first photo!! :) your brother is sooooo adorable!!!!

Marie said...

The first picture is beautiful and your brother is too cute!:D

***** Marie *****