Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Legit Blog: Pie Making Vlog and Dinner Aftermaths


Another pie was made and this time, I had recorded it in video form! I also managed to grab a copy of the recipe here for you guys!

This day, the family decided to go bopping around Greenhills. We just looked around some random stores and bought a couple of things from Daiso.

Afterwards, we decided to have dinner at Omakase. I am probably the furthest thing from being a food blogger 'cause I'm not adventurous enough and I get shy when taking food photos but, as a normal person, I thought that this restaurant was quite nice.
This photo greeted us while we were being seated. It's very Japanese-y and cute! I love it! There was a male counterpart on the other side of the wall but I was to shy to take that photo.

Here were some cute doll-like statues on the wall. Please excuse my brother's face. Anyways, these were too cute and I seriously wanted to keep one!

This was our table's aftermath. I guess this is how things go when you belong to a family of six children! LOL

I'll have more Vlogs for you guys when I get back.

But for the meantime, hope you like!


DeBi said...

Pie looks yumyum! Omakase is LOVE!

sugar sugar said...

looks like you had tons of yummy food mich! those japanese doll displays look so cute. :3

Aya said...

Yummy!!! :D

Sloperation said...

OMAKASE! :) Geo is so cute always baking haahha

Hollie said...

It looks so creamy! would love to have a piece of that pie.

Morgan I. said...

there's 6 children in my family as well!

Hazel said...

haha your younger bro is multitasking ha... watching tv while baking :)) and i love omakase!!

Marie said...

Looks like a nice restaurant.:D

Unlike you, I don't get shy taking pictures of food even when people around me are like 'what is she doing?!' Haha!;D

***** Marie *****