Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Smackers Lip Frosting in Strawberry and Milk Chocolate


Another lippy review! :D This one's a bit childish but who cares. I'm still a child! :D

Lip Smackers Lip Frosting in Strawberry
5: Beyond Explanation
4: Awesome
3: Decent
2: Dislike
1: Hate
0: Abhor

1. Packaging: (5/5)
I love the colors of the packaging. I love how wonderfully playful it is! I love that it's in tube form too so, less germs!

2. Consistency: (5/5)
The consistency is light. It doesn't feel like gloss. It's not sticky or anything. It's very hard to describe. It's smooth but not a typical gloss feel. I think that's where the name "Lip Frosting" came from.

3. Scent: (5/5)
LOVE! It smells like synthetic strawberries. It doesn't smell like legit natural strawberries but it smells like strawberry..... candy! There you go, strawberry candy. Which, if you know me, I'm in love with! :)
Milk Chocolate:
Smells like LEGIT milk chocolate. I love it!!!

*Side Note: They taste like their flavors too! :)

4. Pigmentation & Shine: (3/5)
It comes off as clear gloss. That's it. It does give your lips a VERY SLIGHT tint of pink but it's really hard to see even in the photos. The shine is decent too.

5. Staying Power: (3/5)
I almost had a hard time judging the staying power because I always get the urge to lick them off. :) But as far as I can tell, the staying power is decent, nothing extraordinary.


Yes: If you're a huge Smacker's fan, this one's definitely a "rare" one so I would recommend you to pick it up. If you know someone who's going to the States, it would make a good
souvenir if you really like it.

No: If you're only on the hunt for a good lip gloss. This is not worth the hassle if you're only looking for a gloss.


Milk Chocolate

Price: around Php150 on eBay


Aya said...

Packaging is <3. They look good enough to eat. LOL

Michelle said...

I lick it off every time I use it! :) It tastes so good!!ΓΌ

Nadine Natalin said...

Agree with Aya :)

Sloperation said...

Omg I have this in Strawberry! I just end up licking it :))

AyLin said...

Cute ng packaging.. =)

DeBi said...

looks so delicious...and yeah, packaging looks nice.
I love your new header...i uber love the one on the left...sooo pretty!

sugar sugar said...

the packaging is so cute mich and these look good on your lips too! :3

gingerSnap said...

looks good on your lips Mich!
I like the new header;) blooming!

tessa said...

I used to see this a lot from archie comics. lol. would love to try this.

how's your trip? ^__^

have a nice day :)

Marie said...

Thanks for the review and pictures, these would be great for teenagers and tweens!:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

@Nadine: Me too! Love these! :-)

@Sloperation: I know!!! It's better in the tummy than on the lips! LOL

@Aylin: I know right? :)

@Debi: Thank you sooo much!!!! :D

@sugar: I do love how they look on too! :D So nice and subtle. :)

@gingersnaps: Thank you so so much! Glad you loved it! :-)

@tessa: I used to see the lipbalms too on archie comics! :)) It made me want it more! LOL

@Marie: I agree! Thanks Marie!