Saturday, April 23, 2011

Legit Blog: GeishCharles, Tiffiefum and Sloperation

Hwatsup guys!

First day of scheduled posts! I'm probably in Taiwan right now. :-) Exciting! Anyways, here is a post about three awesome bloggers!

Last Tuesday, I went over to my friend's house and we just hung and caught up with each other and it was awesome!

We put on makeup and talked to (or laughed at) random guys over the internet. :-)

Me and Slo

Tiff, Me and Slo

My fez.

A bunch of group pictures we struggled with! LOL

Did a purple smoky eye that night! :)

Tiff's room is so nice! It's full of pretty little things! I love it!

My fez agun. :))

The two of them again! :-)

The bear that Tiff painted on her wall! :D

Anyways, onto the third blogger that this post is about! GeishCharles tweeted me and told me she featured me in her blog! Then, I saw this cute little graphic art work on the post and I just had to share!
I immediately followed her blog and you guys know how I am with blogs I follow. I have to comment on every single post! OCD! :-)

Little did I know that she was holding one of those random contests. :-) And I won! She was super super super super nice and here are the things she dropped by my house.

She added this little sweet note to the package.
Here are the prizes!
L'Oreal Color Minerals Mineral Eye Shadow in Nude Crystal

A Plaid Vest

White Boho Top

Yay! I loved loved loved everything that I got! Thank you sooo much!!!

So, yeah! Follow these awesome people! You so won't regret it!

Hope you like!


Ar-Ar said...

I loove the Boho Top! You are so lucky! I know you deserve it! I followed all the links you suggested btw:))

Aya said...

Love your eye makeup here Mitch! :D

The Beauty-Addict said...

love your eyeshadow mitch!

Sloperation said...

Love it! I'm so touched that ROb was featured hehehe. I look so sabog in some of these pictures! My phone is so random in these pictures just poppin up! lol fun times :) Have fun in ur vaca <3

Tiffiefum said...

Awwww! I super agree with what Slo said! Thank you Mich for featuring us :) Love the post and congrats with your win!!!:D Enjoy Taiwan and the States.<3

Elaine said...

Lovely loot! Love your eye makeup! Tutorial pleaaaase :D

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

Oh, you won a giveaway from Shahadakarim! CONGRAAAATS! :D

Reg Rodriguez said...

congrats on the giveaway! really lovely prizes :) enjoy taiwan!


sugar sugar said...

you're so luck mich! yay! :) have fun in taiwan and i love the boho top. =)

Hazel said...

wow you're lucky to have friends who blog!! i have to get my friends to blog too haahah :))

Michelle said...

@Ar-Ar: thank you soooo much!! You sooo won't regret following them!! I'll follow you back once I get on a proper computer.ü

@Aya: thanks! It was suuuper easy to do! :)

@Ann: thank you sooooo much!ü

@slo&tiff: you guys are too awesome to not be talked about! Thanks guys!!!! :) tiff have an awesome time at hong kong! Can't wait for the overnight you guys! :)

@elaine: i will do one once i get back. :) and thanks soooo much for telling me about the giveaway! I just sent my email now! I hope its not too late!

@sugar sugar: thank you thank you sooooooo much!!!

@reg: thank you soooooo much!!!!ü

@hazel: it's cool to havefriends who likes thw same things! You better start convincing your frinds so that our group can get bigger!!

Nadine Natalin said...

You look so adorable :) I love love your eye make up. BTW lucky you ♥

gingerSnap said...

Nice stuff! Say hi to your friends. Have fun! luv the purple eyes!

geishcharles said...

Glad you liked the LOOT Mich! It's nice to surprise people once in a while. Take care ♥

Marie said...

Looks like you girls had a fun time, your makeup is pretty.:D

Congratulations and thanks for the links!:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

@Nadine Natalin: Thank you sooo much dear! :-)

@gingersnaps: Will do! And thank you soooo much!! :-D

@Charles: Thank you soooo much! It's happily inside my suitcase riight now. :-)

@Marie: We did! Hope you followed them! :-)