Friday, March 25, 2011

Review: Beautilicious Lip Gloss (Candy Apple and Toffee Apple)


Another lip product review! They are two different flavors but I'll join them together because they're pretty similar in everything else aside from the flavor or scent.

5: Beyond Explanation
4: Awesome
3: Decent
2: Dislike
1: Hate
0: Abhor

1. Packaging: (4/5)
I love tube packagings. They're hygienic and easy to use. But what I don't get with this packaging is, why the heck would I need some bling on my lipgloss. It had these weird charm things attached to the bottom that I just can't figure out. But nonetheless, I give it a four for the tube.

2. Consistency: (5/5)
It has a very thin consistency but it's nowhere near runny. When you put it on, you can barely feel anything on your lips and it is not sticky at all. This, in my opinion, is the best that a lip gloss can get.

3. Scent: (3/5)
It has a weird scent. It doesn't smell like candy apple or toffee apple. I don't like it. I just can't figure out what it's trying to smell like. I definitely get a hint of something very candy scented but it is overpowered by a weird plastic-y smell.

4. Pigmentation & Shine: (4/5)
I like the pigmentation. It's very sheer but build-able. It's not too shiny though.

5. Staying Power: (3/5)
Just like any lip gloss, it goes away within the next 2-4 hours. So, typical staying power. Nothing special.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?: No, again, the colors are dupe-able. Nothing super unique.

Price: I can't find it online and it was a gift so, I don't know.
(But I'm selling these particular glosses in my blog sale *click* for Php50 each)
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

Toffee Apple

Candy Apple


Witoxicity said...

Dupable no doubt, but they look great on you. And a lipgloss that isn't sticky?!? That's nice. :) Pity about its overall performance.

Aya said...

LOL at the bling! Candy apple looks nice! I like the pigmentation. Looks like you're wearing lipstick na :)

Michelle said...

@Witoxcity: Yeah you can probably find something similar anywhere! But thanks! :)

@Aya: Really? LOL I don't use it much though.

Pammy said...

I like Toffee Apple. Pretty! :P

CAMILLA said...

i like the candy apple such a gorgeous color

Michelle said...

Thanks Pammy! :)

fashioneggpplant said...

love toffee apple :)

Michelle said...

It has a nice color to it! :)

Hollie said...

Toffee Apple is soooo Pretty!

Michelle said...

Thanks Hollie!! :D

Marie said...

I like your honest review.:D

Candy Apple is nice shade, reminds me of a Clinique lipgloss my sister has.

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

I looooove Clinique lipglosses!! They're super moisturizing! :D

AyLin said...

I love Toffee Apple ♥

Hazel said...

haha bling bling on a tube of lipgloss! actually, from a marketer's point of view, i think that would be their unique selling point! :))
anyway, i like the shade of the candy apple!

jezmacmania said...

great review! i've never seen lipgloss packaged that way! Btw, I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award! Come by my page for the details. =D

Michelle said...

@Ailyn: Thank yoouuu! :)

@Hazel: It's annoying!! LOL

@jezmacmania: Thank youuu!! I'll check it out. :)

sugar sugar said...

this looks gorgeous on your lips dear! :3 candy apple looks so pretty! <3

Michelle said...

Thanks Sugar!!! :D

CHARRY said...

pretty! I like the candy apple ;)

Michelle said...

Thanks Charry! I love that one too! :)