Thursday, March 24, 2011

Accessories: Short Necklaces


Second to the last of the series!

Anyways, here are my short necklaces!

a "thank you" gift from a friend who asked me to model for her

All the necklaces above are from Boracay that I got for Php200 each

Girl Shoppe; Php120

from a friend


Both necklaces above are from somewhere in Europe

from my mom

bought from a bazaar Php35

Hope you like! :D


Hazel said...

i love how your accessories somehow tell stories of where you've been! and my fave are the ones you got from boracay!

sugar sugar said...

accesory queen! :D great post! ;)

Michelle said...

@Hazel: I love accessories and I love travelling! This kinda just joins them both!

@sugar sugar: I was kinda thinking that you guys are getting tired of these! LOL

Michelle Lee said...

omg love them all :)

Chicgurl said...

Oh geez they're all pretty! I'm not good with accessories =/ (bummer)
Pls give me tips on how to accessorize? Lol

Michelle said...

@Michelle Lee: Thank you!

@Chicgurl: Ohmygoodness! Great post idea!! I'll defo do that! Thankyou!!

AVA T.♥ said...

loving the bib necklace!:)

gingerSnap said...

Thanks Mich! I like the black necklace. You can pair it with everything.

Pammy said...

Lotsa necklaces! I like the fourth one (blue and white combi) and the coca cola one. :P

Michelle said...

@ava: i loooove that one too!ΓΌ

@gingersnaps: i know and it's so chic too!

@pammy: thank you the blue and white one is very classy while the coke one is very funky! LOL

Chicgurl said...

Yup! I've been wanting to tell you that since you posted about your collection!

- - aika - - said...

divisoria dear :)

Jenggay said...

cute blog michelle! Hehe nice accessories too, before when I was in college I love accessories, I wonder where are all of those na..hehe!

Hope you can check my blog as well. Newbie blogger..

TC :)

fashioneggpplant said...

that cutie necklace is so cute! btw, saw the necklace, sorry late ng reply! haha, dont check my fb as often anymore, i still really like the first one, let me know nalang. see you around neighbor! :)

Michelle said...

@chicgurl: Soon! Haha Thanks! I'ver been running out of ideas for posts lately. Thanks! :D

@aika: I should go there soon!

@jenggay: Thank you! I'll drop by soon. :D

@fashioneggplant: Ohh Okay! I'll just let you know if our supplier can find the same thing. :) Thank you! And see you around "neighbor" LOL!

Witoxicity said...

What a fun collection! Some look really elegant, but I gotta say that last one is the funkiest of all! :)

mistytewest said...

I am in love with all the items...everything looks so perfect and cute!!! I also love the first necklace too...


Marie said...

Nice collection!:D

The Coke necklace is just too cute.:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

@Witoxcity: I try to get a variety in my accessories!! :) Thanks! :D

@mistytewest: thank you sooo much! :D :D Glad to see we have the same taste! :D

@Marie: That's one of my favorites!! :D

ShyGirl said...

wow what an enviable necklace collection! Really...I want to raid your whole jewelry collection! You have such beautiful and interesting items!

Michelle said...

Thank you!

Maybe it's because every time I travel, I get accessories as souvenirs! :)