Monday, March 14, 2011

OOTD: 02/20/2011; 03/02/2011 - 03/10/2011


Another batch of OOTD's! And this time, I made sure that I took note of the dates so I could give you guys the date. :D


♥ This is the missing Hong Kong outfit photo!
♥ Head Band; Market! Market! Department Store; Php199
♥ Sweatshirt; Universal Studios, L.A.
♥ Knit Jeans; Bench
♥ Oxfords; Dorothy Perkins; Php2,000


♥ Guess who's lazy? Me!
♥ Just went to work in this one.
♥ Cross Necklace; Ma Belle [also in Hong Kong Haul]
♥ Hot Pink Tank Top; Gracy's, Platinum Mall, Bangkok
♥ V-Neck Top; Greenhills; Php150
♥ Jeans; Bench
♥ Watch; Fossil; Php5,000 [also in Watch Collection]
♥ Purple Flats; Primera, Hip, Rockwell; Php600


♥ Used the DSLR so, slightly nicer quality
♥ Again, went to work
♥ A very VERY lazy day at work
♥ Shirt; from my little brother's closet
♥ Black Shorts; Greenhills; Php100
♥ Philippine Flag Watch [also in Watch Collection]
♥ Striped Espadrilles; Soleil; Php750 [also in Rockwell Supersale Bazaar Haul]


♥ What I wore to the Revlis event
♥ I didn't take pictures of the makeup I did 'cause I was too busy!
♥ Would you guys like a Legit Blog of that?
♥ Crop Top; Cheese, Greenhills
♥ High Waist Shorts; Noel Bazaar; Php150
♥ Red Bangle; Eastwood; Php35 [also in Bangle Collection]
♥ Blue Plaid Shoes; ALDO; Gift from the boyfriend! (but it was Php1,500 hehe.)


♥ I forgot to crop my face out!
♥ Went out to Megamall.
♥ White Fly Away; H&M
♥ Mint Top; The Platform, Galleria; Php199
♥ Skinny Black Belt; Giordano
♥ Shorts; I have no idea which shorts I wore judging from the picture. :-/
♥ Watch; Fossil [also in Watch Collection]
♥ Floral Connector Ring; Forever21; Php300+ [also in Ring Collection (Coming Soon!)]
♥ Black Sandals; HDY; Php333.33333333333 (Basically, it was 3 for Php1,000)


♥ Hehe. Guess who's lazy again?
♥ Old school!
♥ Oh, and I just went to work in this.
♥ Striped Top; Zara
♥ Jeans; Bench
♥ Watch; Fossil [also in Watch Collection]
♥ Owl Necklace; Divisoria; Php50 [also in Owl Collection]
♥ Red Sandals; Shoebox; Php600
♥ Fat Feet; Genes :(


♥ Oh yeah, summer's here!
♥ I went to work with this too!
♥ Cross Necklace; Ma Belle [also in Hong Kong Haul]
♥ Red Tank Top; Dorothy Perkins
♥ V-Neck Top; People Are People; Php500
♥ Blue Distressed Shorts; Zara
♥ Watch; Fossil [also in Watch Collection]
♥ Glass Blown Bracelet; Florence [also in Bracelet Collection]
♥ Owl Ring; ALDO [also in Owl Collection]
♥ Tan Sandals; Forever21; SGD11


♥ Well, what do you know, I wore this to work too!
♥ Floral Connector Ring; Forever21; Php300+ [also in Ring Collection (Coming Soon!)]
♥ Watch; Fossil [also in Watch Collection]
♥ Floral Bracelet; from a Korean Girl; Php100 [also in Bracelet Collection]
♥ Blue Bracelet Set; H&M [also in Hong Kong Haul]
♥ Cross Necklace; Ma Belle [also in Hong Kong Haul]
♥ Black Tank Top; Mango
♥ Owl Crop Top; Noel Bazaar; Php150 [also in Owl Collection]
♥ Sandals; Forever21; SGD11


♥ Again, I went to work.
♥ Ate at Sunrise Buckets with my two brothers and sister.
♥ Waited for my brother to finish his dentist.
♥ Walked around the area of my high school.
♥ Went to Yoggle!
♥ Silver Bracelet; Girl Shoppe; Php120 [also in Bangle Collection]
♥ Star Necklace; from my mom
♥ Black Racer Back; Mango
♥ Brown Top; Banana Republic
♥ Shorts; Old Bench Jeans that I had cut
♥ Connector Ring; H&M [also in Hong Kong Haul]
♥ Bronze Sandals; HDY; Php333.33


♥ Alone at the office.
♥ Nothing to do.
♥ Boyfriend went to my house.
♥ Black White and Red Top; K-Marc, Greenhills; Php250
♥ Black Leggings; Greenhills; Php250
♥ Black Sandals; HDY; Php333.333
♥ Fossil Watch [not even gonna put the details anymore! LOL]

I bet you're tired of links now, huh?

Hope you like!


AVA T.♥ said...

I like the march 4 one :) cute OTD's! And i love your London shirt!

Michelle said...

Thanks Ava! :) It was hard to breathe with those high waist shorts!LOL

thegreenhairclip said...

i like all your sandals! :) walking a lot and dancing beat up my feet so much so they;re not as pretty as they used to be :( and i have chinese feet, yung malaki yung ball. :( panget for sandals.

Aya said...

Purple flats so cute!!! :)

Michelle said...

@thegreenhairclip: Thank you! I have fat feet so sometimes, my skin goes over the sole. :))

@Aya: Their old and cracked but thanks Aya! :)

Donna ♥ Baby said...

haha your philippines watch is super cute. i love it

Honey Andrade said...

First of all, THANK YOU for always commenting on my posts!! I haven't been online much lately eh..

Anyway, I love everything especially the striped espadrilles!!! :D

Ellen ♥ said...

cute outfits. :)

Hollie said...

very nice ootds, I'm definitely loving the London print shirt!


Love the owl collection and your london shirt! cool and also your 333.33333 flats hehe:-)

Michelle said...

@Donna: Pinoy pride! :))

@Honey: I love your posts!! :) And thank you so much!! :D

@Ellen: Thanks dear! :)

@Hollie: I also got it for cheap which is a plus! :)

@MINAKICHU: Hahahaha! Thank you!! :D

Michelle Lee said...

so many things i love
first i want to look good in headband too but my baby fats wont get away so im still waiting until it goes away haha

second im looking for a cute pair of toms shoes or espadrilles like yours stripes are so in this spring right?

third cute shirts!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Michelle! I just wear what's comfortable. Looking good comes second. :)