Sunday, March 13, 2011

Haul: Lady E's Birthday Giveaway Prizes


I never win giveaways. I never do! Imagine my reaction when Lady E posted her post on the winners, I was BEYOND happy!

I got a little impatient regarding the prizes though. I'd check the top of our piano (that's where our mail ends up) everyday.

Some days, I even become a little dramatic. I close my eyes as I'm coming down the stairs (which you shouldn't do) and open my eyes once I get to the piano.

I get disheartened when I don't see anything but after a few moments of disappointment, I get excited all over again looking forward to the next day.

This went on for about a couple of days until Lady E told me that she sent her prizes off already. That just fueled my impatience ten times more. But luckily, the package arrived!
I have a nice Ben Ten ruler don't I? Conveniently concealing my address. :) Anyways, I didn't want to open it yet. I wanted to wait until the boyfriend arrives but I kept peeking through the plastic to see the insides! (I sound like a little kid but, as I've mentioned before, I never win giveaways!)
My peeking didn't get me anything because it was wrapped in a Rustan's paper bag. A Lady E signature if you ask me. I always read her posts about her visits to Rustan's.
I got all giddy when I saw my name!

Finally, the boyfriend arrived and I got to open it!
Everything was placed in the Rustan's paperbag.

A cute note that she left! I love her handwriting! :D

Red Bag Organizer with Black Polka Dotted Detail
when my boyfriend saw this he was like, "Gusto mo yan noh?"
Hehe. I love my reds and my polka dots. :)

Etude House Facial Foam and Cleansing Cream
I'm soooo excited about this!
I already used the facial foam! :)

Asian Secrets Body Scrub
I think I read her review (or someone else's) about this!

Purederm Spot Reducer Patches
I only get zits once a month so, this will last me a year probably.
I'm excited to do a Product Experiment on this!

Garnier Light Moisturizer Samples
I heard that Garnier tests on animals (they're just rumors)
So, I wouldn't really purchase these for myself BUT it's cool that I still get to try them out.

Purederm Face Masks
I'm excited about this!
The only face mask I've ever tried is from a Clinique tester so, yay!

Purederm Hair Mask
I have no idea what this will feel like.
I'm excited to try it out!

So, that's it! Pretty much I'm excited for everything. I would like to report that they all found a happy home in my "back up products" drawer. Except for the Etude House Facial Foam which found a happy home in my shower.

Thank you again Lady E for making me, for once, NOT a loser! =)) (Drama ko!)

Anywhoo, I found a flier in the outside pocket of the package and even this got me excited! Basically, it's another Supersale Bazaar!

Me and my boyfriend got free entrance to the last one so, I hope Xend sets up a guestlist again. :D

Hope you enjoyed!


AVA T.♥ said...

aww congrats, michelle!:) lovely prize

Aya said...

Yey congrats! :D Enjoy your prizes :DDDDDD

CAMILLA said...

wow, thats alot,.. congratzzz...
btw i love your new layout
whos that guy?? ur bf? ur new banner

Michelle said...

@Ava: Thank you so much! :)

@Aya: I am enjoying them! Haha. Thank you! :D

@Camilla: Uhh.. He's from Nsync? Haha. He's not my boyfriend. I don't even know him. :)) Thanks though. :D

CHARRY said...

Congratulations Michelle! I'll wait for your review on etude products ;)

Michelle said...

Thanks Charry! I'll post them as soon as possible! :D

sugar sugar said...

congrats mich! :3 i'm sure you'll enjoy using these products. lady e is such a sweet blogger talaga! =)

Michelle said...

Thanks sugar! The minute I got the package, I wanted to rip everything open!!! LOL

Michelle Lee said...

congrats :) etude house is a korean cosmetic brand so ive used some of the products and they are really good at such affordable price
so cute packages too right?

Michelle said...

I haven't really used them enough so, the packaging's all I can really talk about. hahaha. thanks michelle! :)

Hollie said...

wow congrats! I'm looking forward to know what you think about the purederm stuff. by the way, I'm currently using that Garnier whitening and moisturizing cream for about a week now. didn't give me any break outs so far. haven't seen any whitening effects yet but it's a good moisturizer.

Riya~ said...

congrats on winning and thanks for sharing as well =)

The Beauty-Addict said...

wow congrats mich! :) miss you deary!!!

Michelle said...

@Hollie: Yay! I'm excited to try that out! :)

@Riya: Thanks Riya! :D Exciiited!!

@The Beauty-Addict: Thank you!! Long time no talk!!

carinamodella said...

congrats! i like the espadrilles...that's perfect for summer.

Michelle said...

Thank you!!! :D They'll be getting a lot of use soon. :D

Lady E said...

@Michelle: Glad you like it Michelle1

@Sugar: thanks, that's so sweet of you too!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much! I looove everything! :D