Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green-minded: Make a Trip to Alter Space

Okay, that's probably not how the world is gonna end.

The truth is we don't even know of the world IS gonna end on 2012.

I mean, how sure are we that on December 21, 2012, the earth will go KAPUT! ?

Well... There's that!


Jokes aside...

There are some things that have been happening that's making me think if the world as we know it really is coming to an end...

These events, not only scare me, but it kind of pushed me to give some more love to mother nature.

Maybe if we give some more love,

maybe mother nature will extend the dead line of the world!

So, once again, I come bearing tips and tricks on how to be environmentally friendly whilst going about your daily ramblings.


Do you see that little red light that goes on when you turn off your TV?

That means it's in this little thing called "STAND BY MODE".

Alls you gots to do is push that power button and...


You save the world!

Not really.

But pushing that button completely turns off the TV which means that it is no longer utilizing any electricity to remain in the standby mode.


Okay, this is something that my Natural Science professor in college told us.


'Pag magdedate kayo ng boyfriend mo, wag na kayo magkunwari! Patayin nyo na yung ilaw! Nagsesave kayo ng energy, masaya pa!

(If you're going on a date with your boyfriend, there ain't no use playing hard to get. Just turn off the lights! You save energy and you have more fun!)

Hehe. :">


I know that saving the world can sometimes get boring and tedious BUT, with technology today, there are soooo many more fun ways on how to do things.


Did that make sense?


Alls I'm saying is that you should all go and check this thing called


It's cool cause it's the 1st Filipino Environment Awareness game on Facebook!!

*double gasp!*

When you use this Facebook app, you're not only playing...

you're also learning!

Learning things like how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions and how to extend the expiration date on planet Earth.

To check out the game, head on to

Facebook plug-in: Recommendations or Like!

So, yeah!

Click here to see my other earth-conscious posts!

Aaaaaaaaaand I hope you like this random candid post.



Liya said...

im not sure how that lady lives with her house rocking back and forth just by lil things! lol to the screenshot! hahaha, it better be a joke , i dont really like her autotune voice.

Pammy said...

I had fun reading this post. Your prof was funny. Funny but true. :P

I was talking to bieber boy (what I call him to tease him) a couple of nights ago and we talked about the end of the world. I said that it can't be the end of the world, I don't have kids yet! And I haven't gone to Greece and Warsaw, Poland yet. :P

Michelle said...

@Liya: Her voice, autotuned is bad but she does have a decent singing voice! LOL

@Pammy: LOL Yeah, that prof was a funny one. :) Learned a lot from her though.

LOL! Yeap! The world shouldn't end until everyone is done with their buckets lists!

sugar sugar said...

interesting and funny post mich. :)

fashioneggpplant said...

love this post! great entry :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Sarah! Thanks Sugar! :):):)

Marie said...

'Pag magdedate kayo ng boyfriend mo, wag na kayo magkunwari! Patayin nyo na yung ilaw! Nagsesave kayo ng energy, masaya pa!

-- That made me laugh!

Thanks for the tips, Michelle!:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

Well, profs are *sometimes* right on the dot! LOL

No problem Marie! Thanks for reading! :D