Saturday, February 5, 2011

Haul: Gifts from Him


One thing really cool about my boyfriend is that, he bought me presents even though it was his birthday.

Don't get me wrong, I did get him a gift.

I should really tell you the whole story shouldn't I?

I got him a pair of Creative Recreations which cost me Php3,000. That was way steep for me but since it was his 21st birthday, he deserved it. I gave it to him and he was whining about how much I had to spend.

Of course he was really appreciative still.

Very appreciative, actually, that he got me these things to say thanks with.
First is the newly "designed" Php20 bill. I know it's an odd thing to give but hear me out. Giving someone a pair of shoes brings bad luck to the relationship. Superstitiously, of course.

So, the receiver of the shoes should give an amount of money, usually Php1 or even a few centavos, so that he will seemingly buy the shoes from the giver.

So, he gave me this new Php20 bill which is loads better than a Php1 coin.
He also got me this black blazer. We usually shop together so, he knew that I was on the hunt for a good (and cheap) one. [Why cheap?]
The last part of the present is this adorable blue polka dotted blazer. It looks better on, I swear!

I was eyeing this blazer ever since I first saw this at Muradito, in the Fashion Market at Market Market. Yes, "Muradito" is the actual name of the store.

I remember it being Php600 and I didn't the cash on me so, I couldn't get it. And once you see an item you like in this store, you better get it immediately 'cause things disappear there faster than food on a fat man's plate. So, I wasn't able to get it. But he went back the next day and bought it for me instead!

It was cute the way he explained the blazer to the sales person. "Yung bolero na polka dots?" I was laughing when he told me that.

So, that's about it. :)


sugar sugar said...

awww your bf is as sweet as you are! :) i think you should do OOTDs too. ^o^

- - aika - - said...

love the first blazer :D

louise said...

wow...lucky you he knows your size :P What a sweet person :P

AVA T.♥ said...

wow!! you got the new php 20!! I've been wanting the new bills badly :| congrats! sweet of him :) and love the blazer too!

Michelle said...

@sugar sugar: Aww.. Thank you! :) And I didn't make OOTD's 'cause I have a LookBook but I deactivated it now. :) So, yeap, I'm gonna do some now!

@aika: Thanks! I love it too! :D

@louise: I know right? He got lucky! :)

@Ava: Yeah! I've wanted one too! :D His mom got it from somewhere, I think. :)

Anonymous said...

i went to the bank last week and the teller said theres still no new bills available! i guess shes just too lazy to help me out!

boyrfriend is the sweetest! lucky you he chose the right stuff :)

Kari said...

sweeeeet! :)

Michelle said...

@Reina: Really? That sucked. :-/ But at least you can spend all your other Php20 bills. I'll feel guilty if ever I do decide to spend this! :-/ And yeah, he's very kuripot he will not purchase something unless he KNOWS he got the right things. :))

@Kari: I know right?? Thanks!