Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion: Smart Shopping Tips


I decided to put my smart shopping tips that I swear by in order to maximize the money you have but yet be satisfied, style-wise.

Wanna see the things I buy?

#1: Never Get Attached
You know that dress that makes it look like you're wearing a top and a bottom, when in fact, it is a dress? One word. No. I know it's practical and easier to wear BUT think about it, if you just buy a skirt, you'll be able to pull off a lot more looks than just the top that it's attached to. You'll get more use out of the garments if you buy them separately because then, you can mix and match. Same goes for those black lace tops that have an attached body. You're better of buying just the completely see-through lace top and just use camis. Wanna see how I wore mine?

#2: Sometimes, One is Enough
Whenever there are passing trends, do not go straight for the most out-there piece. As much as possible, just buy one piece from that trend and pick out the most versatile style you can find. You have no idea how much I regret buying a bunch of those neon jeans when they were in a few years back. You don't know how long that trend is going to last so, buy something that you think, even when the trend passes, you still will be able to comfortably wear. For example, you know that military trend? The ideal piece to buy would be something in black or nude colors with those military-style buttons.

#3: Expensive is Not Always Best
When buying blazers and other outerwear for no reason other than style, your best bet is to shop cheap. If you buy outerwear from higher end brands that are, more often than not, brands that are coming from abroad, be sure that it's okay for you to sport pit stains as accessories. These outerwear garments were made for the cold weather that other countries have. If you only want to be stylish, look for cheaper alternatives because those are probably made with thinner fabric thus, more appropriate for our kind of weather. Same goes with boots and other winter/fall wear.

#4: When in Doubt, Look Around
I remember a couple months back, my friend was looking for a pair of clogs. She saw one, I forgot where from, but she was debating whether to get it or not 'cause it was too much for her. She decided not to, and went to SM Department Store to look. She found almost the exact same thing but half the price. But this doesn't always work out. I saw these boat shoes in Sebago but they were Php3,000+. I couldn't stomach that so, I looked around elsewhere. I've been everywhere, and I mean everywhere, even Cartimar, and I couldn't find a pair my size. So now, I am Php2,000+ away from my very first pair of Sebago's.

I'll end this post with what I deem are the essentials for a girl's closet.
  1. Bandeaus, Tank Tops and Undershirts - these are things that you never get enough of
  2. Plain White T-Shirt
  3. Classic Pair of Jeans and Shorts
  4. Plain Cardigan in a muted color
  5. Plain Blazer/Jacket and/or Vest
  6. Little Black Dress and another Dress in another color - for the Chinese (we're not allowed to wear our Little Black Dresses for birthday events)
  7. Black Leggings
  8. Cycling Shorts - I never wear a dress/skirt without one
This is all I can think of for now.

All the pictures are from 'cause it was the easiest site to get pictures from. :)

Hope this helped even just a tiny bit!


Nadine Natalin said...

Nice post :) I agree with the blazer thingies

Michelle said...

Thanks! That's from personal experience! :)

sugar sugar said...

great post michelle! thanks for sharing your tips to us. :3

Michelle said...

Thanks for reading them! :D

thegreenhairclip said...

we were not allowed to wear black. I was just stubborn to bend and eventually break the rules. :) we're both chinese pala hehe :D

Michelle said...

Wow. I didn't know you were Chinese! Yeah, I get tired of seeing red everywhere every time it's somebody's birthday! :))