Friday, January 14, 2011

Tag: My Go to Products

Hello! :D

So, my Hongky (person from Hong Kong) friend on YouTube, Ashley, did this tag video and I thought that I'd do it too!

So, basically, you have to post your go to products for each makeup category!

I don't use foundation, however I do use tinted moisturizer. This is the one I've been using since the end of December 2010. It's the Wet n Wild Ultimate Sheer tinted moisturizer. I don't like it very much. I have a review on this product here. But I totally prefer the e.l.f. tinted moisturizer.


I actually use two different concealers.
I use the Ever Bilena Makeup Stick (still in its old packaging) for my under-eye circles. I think this product was meant to be a foundation stick or something but the shade that I got (501) was too light for me so I use it as an under-eye concealer 'cause it sort of brightens it up.
And then, I use the Ever Bilena Advance Concealer for blemishes. This concealer matches me lots better than the Ever Bilena Makeup Stick so it would do a much better job of blending the blemishes into my skin.

There's actually a story behind why I use this lonely refill tin as my powder. I used to use the Maybelline Shine-Free Face Powder as my powder then, I ran out of it. So, I wanted to repurchase but there were two factors stopping me from doing that.

1. I found out that Maybelline tests on animals. :(
2. I thought that I should just find a refill to put in the Maybelline compact.

Being the tree-hugger, animal-lover that I am, I couldn't stomach buying from a company that tests on animals and I couldn't bear the thought of throwing a perfectly good compact.

So, I went to Watson's and looked for a refill. I bought this one assuming that they have a standardized size for powders. Apparently not. Now I'm left with this tin of powder to use.

I went on the Watson's website to look for the name of this product but I couldn't find it.

*ahem* bogus website *ahem*

(I mean does Watson's really carry the Make Up Forever line?? It's all up on their website :-| )

Anyways, the most that I can tell you about this product is that it comes in a tiny red/pink box and that I bought it for Php60.

Back when I was starting out with makeup and e.l.f. still hasn't come out with their eyeshadow primer (which is supposed to be amazing), I was looking for a cheap eyeshadow primer but I couldn't find any.

So, being the resourceful little girl that I am, I looked up "how to make your own eye shadow primer" on YouTube and I followed it and I came up with this. It's pretty decent so, I didn't feel the need to purchase one anymore.

For the lid color, I use the powder that came in my Aido Lite Kit that I purchased from Watson's centuries ago. It's too orange toned to use as a powder so I use it as my shadow instead. It works awesome.

And since I use the two-shadow look almost everyday, I don't use a crease color that often.
For the brow bone highlight, I use this color from the same Aido Light Kit.

Again, I don't really line my upper lash line. I only do my tight line and for that, I use the Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Black. It's a pretty decent eye liner.

Oh, and by now, you might be wondering why I have a ton of Ever Bilena items here. Well, that's cause we had a fashion show almost a year ago and Ever Bilena sponsored us so, we got to keep a few of the makeup items.

The mascara that I use is the Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume. I know, I know. Cover Girl does animal testing. But when my aunt told my uncle to buy her a mascara from Costco, he got this and it came in packs of three so, my aunt gave one to me. It would be rude to say no.

So, that's my excuse.

I use the Maybelline Brush Blush in 04 Watermelon and again, another animal testing company. My excuse for this one is that my friend's mom gave it to me. Again, I didn't want to be rude, yadda yadda.

I use the MIKI roll on shimmer in Green. It works awesomely to counteract the redness in the cheeks. This does have the tendency to be overly shimmery when applied... overly.

Now, I do use lipsticks and lip glosses but I like none of them enough to give them the title of my Go To Lipstick/Lip Gloss so, I just decided to put my Nivea Fruity Shine in Strawberry for this one.
I don't know if you guys can see but it has shimmers inside it and it leaves a nice strawberry tint to the lips so, putting this over bare lips would give a nice wash of natural color. :)

OHMYGOSH! Can everyone just go out and buy the Nichido Kabuki Brush right now? If you are not extremely satisfied with it, I'm gonna give you your money back from my own pocket...

Not really.

But this is such an AWESOME "drugstore" kabuki. It's so soft (even though the hair is synthetic) and so, EVERYTHING. Click here for a review on this.

So, yeah! I'll put the categories below so you guys can do this too if you'd want. I tweaked the categories a bit to suit myself better.

Sorry for the long post! :-/ I hope you guys don't hate me now.

So, yeah! That's kinda it!

Go To Products:
Setting Powder
Cream Highlight
Eye Shadow
Eye Liner
Lip Liner
Lip Gloss
Makeup Brushes
Nail Polish


Catanya said...

Great tag, honey!! I am thinking of doing it myself,
Love from a new follower here,

Beautiful Loft said...

@Catanya: Thank you soo much for following! :D:D:D And go do it! I'd love to know what your Go To Products are! :)

Katrina said...

I followed you back!
What a lovely blog :)
I do love nivea lip glosses, they're great right?! :D


Michelle said...

@Katrina: Thank you so much! And I absolutely loooove the Nivea lippies. I will totally purchase another one after I'm done with this tube! :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

NICHIDO KABUKI BRUSH! i love this brush! its so soft! its worth the money! and it doesn't shed at all! great review :)

Dear, i've already replied to comment regarding the tresemme heat tamer.

Michelle said...

@The Beauty Addict: I KNOW! I'm totally gonna make a separate review about that brush alone. I am in love with that! :D And thanks! I replied already too! :D

My-My said...

Thanks for following me.
I couldn't help but follow back when I see your attempts at trying to not buy from animal tested products. And I find that very encouraging. It is really tough, especially when you receive make up as gifts. I know how it is, and I understand. As I have a box full of make up that I've kept before making my decision on not buying animal tested products, or they were given to me as gifts. And when you receive it as a gift, its ok to accept it, Many are oblivious to what is happening (and some have admitted that they don't care D:). I just try to use it up just as with my other make up. Continue your efforts on doing what you care for. I'll be cheering you on. Keep up the good work. and great blog. :)


Thanks for the follow, I admire how you would hit the pan with most of your makeup, I can't seem to do that hehe:-)

Michelle said...

@My-My: Thank you! That's the best thing that anyone has ever told me in a while. Some of my friends actually choose to buy from companies that test on animals saying that if they were tested on animals, then, they're supposed to be safer for people. It's great to see more people that are aware and that care. Thank you! I'm glad I followed you! :D

@Minakichu: Thank you! :) I'm only a student and I am forced to budget the money that I get so I just purchase what I need and repurchase when I run out. It's frustrating for the most part but I can't complain! :)