Friday, January 14, 2011

Haul: Rockwell Super Sale Bazaar


I have been thinking, for over the past few months, of making a YouTube beauty-guru-type channel. I have been, for the better part of 2010, glued to my computer screen eternally absorbing beauty tips and tricks from gurus halfway around the world from me.

But, yet again, my shyness stands in the way which is why I just thought of starting a beauty blog. Yay! So, for my first entry, I just thought I'd share to you guys what I bought from the Rockwell Super Sale Bazaar that I went to a while ago.

I didn't have that much spare cash but I still did get to purchase two things.

First was this baseball type shirt that I got from a stall that I didn't get the name of.
I have always been looking for a decent baseball shirt but I haven't been seeing any. I saw one at Forever 21 but they only had (literally) 2 pieces in the whole store and none of them is my size. So, I got this instead for Php 250.

Then, I finally got a pair of espadrilles from Soleil.
I was debating whether to get these ones or a pair of solid red ones from SpadrilsManilenyo but I just settled on these ones cause I'm not really one to opt for anything plain.

The espadrilles were Php750, by the way.

So, yeah. That's all I got.

We got free entrance into the bazaar 'cause I was emailed by Xend.Com that the first two hundred people to comment on the status of their FaceBook page will not have to pay the Php100 admission. So, that was cool.


The Beauty-Addict said...

wow! will be there also on Sunday! :) i cant wait! newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too!

Lady E said...

I love the vintage coke print on your shirt! Is that the Eiffel Tower I spot? I love it even more! And the fit is awesome on you!

Are the espadrilles comfy? I've had some pretty bad experiences with espadrilles that are supposed to be comfy.

Beautiful Loft said...

@The Beauty Addict: Yeapo! It's until the 16th :D
@Lady E: Thanks!! :D I was scared that the shirt would be a little cheap-looking because of the random prints it had. :)
And the espadrilles are... as comfy as espadrilles get, I guess. :-/ These are my first pair so I have nothing to compare to. But so far, it feels like when you wear Chuck Taylors.

Hollie said...

the coke print on your shirt is uber cool! Love it.
Thanks for following my blog... followed you back.
have a lovely day.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i was only able to go to one bazaar before & though im not really the type who frequents bazaars, it was a pretty good place,ne?

i was planning on getting espadrilles too!

Beautiful Loft said...

@Hollie: Thanks! :) Love your blog!

@Thiamere: Me neither. I only went 'cause of the free entrance thing. :)) andd the espadrilles there were too cute to pass up. :)

thegreenhairclip said...

where can i fnd Soleil? i like your toms-like shoes. :)

Michelle said...

They were available at the Super Sale Bazaar. However, when I looked for this brand, I can't find any other websites.

But here are some alternatives.
Spadrils Manilenyo
Sole Service
Solely Espadrilles

If you're iffy about ordering online, then just keep yourself posted in their sites in case they're participating in any other bazaars :)

Hope that helped!