Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: Nichido Professional Kabuki Brush


So, here's the review I mentioned in my "Tag: My Go To Products" post.
If you want a picture of the brush in the box, click here. I threw the box away already and I didn't feel good about copying and pasting the picture that I found on Google on here so I thought I'd just link it.

Anyways, here it is!

5: Beyond Explanation
4: Awesome
3: Decent
2: Dislike
1: Hate
0: Abhor


1. Packaging: (1/5)
The packaging, or lack thereof, is what bugs me most about this product. It would have been awesome if there was a pouch that came with this or if it were one of those retractables. I had to get my own pouch to store this in. Some people may be fine without any kind of pouch for this but I'd prefer if there was one.

2. Brush Handle: (5/5)
I really like the handle of this. Instead of the usual cheap plastic material, the handle on this one is made with some kind of metal material. (sorry for being vague, I have no idea what kind of material that is) The color is pretty decent and the size of the handle is big enough to be convenient, but not too big to be obtrusive.

3. Feel of the Bristles: (5/5)
The feel of the bristles is probably the best asset of this brush (aside from the price). It's synthetic and soft and feels great against the skin.

4. Is there shedding?: (5/5)
No shedding whatsoever. I bought this last July 2010 and have used it almost everyday ever since and I haven't notice any signs of shedding. I have yet to see even just one strand fall out from the handle.

5. Bristle Density: (3/5)
I would have liked it if it were a tad bit denser. The brush is fluffy but if you squeeze the bristles all together, you will see that it doesn't have much substance in it. Although, this might work perfectly for other people, I prefer otherwise.

6. Product Pick-Up: (5/5)
In my opinion, when you use it, it picks up just the right amount of product. Since it's fluffy, it's really designed to pick up small amounts of product only. So, I don't recommend using this with a blush, for example, that doesn't have good pigmentation. However, it works great for one of them blushes that needs a light hand in applying. Personally, I use this for my powder and it applies awesomely and helps avoid cake-iness.


WOULD I RECOMMEND?: Without a doubt!


The price is what sold me on this product. Php238 for an awesome kabuki? SOLD!

Unless I'm mistaken, this is available in all (if not, most) Watson's branches and anywhere else they sell Nichido, I guess.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

im a fan of kabukis & when i saw this i planned to buy it na kaya lang i think it's not dense enough compare to teh kabukis that i use, but for the price it can't be beat,ne?

Michelle said...

I know! I wish it could've been a bit denser. I saw one from Sigma but I'm still debating if it's worth the hassle. :-/

But this one's really not a bad buy, though. Definitely not complaining about the price! :)

Locke said...

nice review! i'm currently using this and i love how soft it is.i don't have to worry about the powder build up when i apply my blush or powder foundie.

Michelle said...

I know right? It's like heaven in a stick! :)

Katrina said...

so cheap! I'll check it out.

~kuripot :))

Michelle said...

That was the reason I bought it too! Cheapness! :))

welladaynne said...

I've been using this for the longest time!! One of the best brushes I've had.:)


Michelle said...

Me too! I wasn't much of a brush lover but this converted me! =))

~tHiAmErE~ said...

compare to sigma retractable kabuki, just get the ecotools one if you can. it's way cheaper though im sure that sigma is softer, for it reminds me of my everyday minerals kabukis but in the long run, it just serves 1 purpose & i don't see spending $20+ for 1 kabuki..

just look for other brushes available locally like charm or suesh for better alternatives. while sigma might be the raves of people in US, i thin our local products are still good.

Michelle said...

Ooohh... Good point! I might go look at the Suesh one. I think I want the red haired kabuki from them if only just for the color. :-D