Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Caronia Nail Hardener & Base Coat + Caronia Solvent

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Back when I decided to venture into drugstore nail polishes, I saw that within a few uses of the polishes, when the polish chips off, chunks of my nails would chip off with it. This scared me so, I looked around for a good base coat, and I found these!
5: Beyond Explanation
4: Awesome
3: Decent
2: Dislike
1: Hate
0: Abhor


1. Packaging: (2/5)
Starting off with the good points, I like the overall look of the bottle. I like the look of the cap and the fact that the bottle itself is made of glass. It doesn't look cheap. What I don't like about the packaging though is that it doesn't give you any means of transferring the solvent to your nail polish bottle. The mouth of the bottle is too small for you try pouring it into the nail polish bottle. I tried this and I wasted half the bottle. The best way they could have remedied this is that they could've had a dropper that was attached to the cap or they could've made a small pointed applicator (similar to the nozzle of squeeze out tubes) that you can tip into your nail polish bottle. Anyways, I had to purchase a separate medicine dropper to get proper use out of this solvent.

2. Application: (5/5)
The amount of application (which I didn't measure, sorry) is decent. You just drop a few drops and it'll work nicely. After dropping the product, you have to shake it so that it'll mix with the polish and afterwards, it's ready to use. I really like the application because it's simple and quick. Although, you will have to re-drop it once it gets goopy again but that won't happen until a long time.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?: Yes. This is the only inexpensive nail polish thinner I have ever seen in the market.

Price: Php30 for 15mL
Availability: I've only ever seen it in certain Watson's branches.

*Before I had this, I used nail polish remover which apparently is bad for the polish because it changes the color of the polish and the polish will get goopy again after the nail polish remover evaporates.


1. Packaging: (5/5)
The packaging is decent. It's chic and the applicator is just like any other nail polish which is pretty convenient. Other than that, I don't really have any complaints with the packaging.

2. Application: (1/5)
The application is pretty easy, you just paint it on your nails just like any other nail polish. The drying is what I HATE about this. It literally takes over a day to dry. LITERALLY. I paint this on my nails and then it may seem dry. Thinking that it's dry, I painted my nail polish over it and I fell asleep, the next day, I found my nails to have lines on them brought about by the sheets. It's so annoying. So, when I use this, I put it on in the morning and I have to wait until the next morning to put on the actual nail polish color. You are seriously better off using a clear nail polish.

3. Nail Hardener: (4/5)
Aside from it taking eons to dry, it actually helps with the hardening of my nails. My nails don't chip off as easily anymore and it works really well in that aspect.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?: Yes (as a nail hardener) & No (as a base coat)
What I do with this is that when I don't feel like having polish on, I paint one coat of this on my nail just so it will help harden it.

Price: Php43 for 15mL
Availability: I have seen this in certain Watson's stores and also in Unimart, Greenhills.

Is a base coat the same as clear nail polish?
Yes BUT if you use clear nail polish as your base coat, you will not get the benefits that some base coats offer. For example, if you have ridges in your nails, you are better off using a ridge filler base coat. If you have weak nails, you are better off using a nail hardener base coat. If you do not have issues with your nails, then it would be fine if you opt to use clear polish for a base coat.


Lavender said...

Thanks for commenting on my post. I like your review too. It's very detailed.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have those two but i ditched it since it contains 1 of the toxic not sure if it's toulene or formaldehyde though.. but i know that it does so i crossed the base & top coat of caronia off of my list

Michelle said...

@Lavender: Thank you so much! :)

@thiamere: Oh, I didn't know that. Must get rid! :)

thegreenhairclip said...

ok, that's what a solvent's for! :) haha

Riya~ said...

they look very interesting, I personally never seen these before!

Michelle said...

@thegreenhairclip: Okay, that made me laugh! =)))

@Riya: Their really really rare. Some Watson's don't even carry them. :(

Alex said...

great review :)

Michelle said...

Thank you! :)

Nadine Natalin said...

nice review :) gonna try their base coat

Michelle said...

Hope it works out better for you! :)

AVA T.♥ said...

haven't tried this yet, but i just might! thank you for sharing!:)

Michelle said...

Hope it works better for you than it did for me! :) No problem!

Hazel☺ said...

didn't know caronia have these! or maybe because i wasn't really looking haha. but great review! =)

<3 hazel

Michelle said...

Under-advertised I guess. :)) Thanks Hazel! :)

sugar sugar said...

This is a very detailed review dear. Thank you! :)

Michelle said...

Thank you! I tried giving a fair account for the products! :)

sweetsexything said...

This is helpful...I am looking for a cheap priced thinner...thanks much

Mina Mangubat said...

Hi. I just started using this and bought it 2 days ago. Yes it's true that it takes a very long time to dry and that's the annoying part! But as a nail hardener, I still don't know that's why I took a look on your review which is very useful! I think I will also post a review on blog after I see the results! :)